Sunday, 14 August 2011


yooooooooooooooo, firstly, sorry its been so long. ive had a mental uni assignment to sort out this week for one module that i failed. its been handed in now, all finished.

a lot of big things have happened in leicester since we last spoke, lets get into it.

this was sam after the Caribbean carnival. he was pissed out of his head. i didnt get to go because i was working.

a reeeeeally dead fox on the road near work. he was all cooked out and dried up.

we went to watch the charity shield in the dwarf and giant on narborough road. what a shithole. for this little glass of coca cola it was £3. they hike the prices up on matchdays. i fucking hate that place.

uni work everywhere. peak season.

security at the glenfield hospital. pure militant looking dont you think? stab proof vest.

this weird house is operating as a shop round corner from me. ill try to go in and tell you about it. they have one rack of clothes and some bags.

my sister made some dumb lasagna. here are some before and afters.

(pre cooking)

i knooooow. (post cooking)

obviously the riots kicked off in leicester. a few windows got put in.

i went to practice with uncle frank. they were practicing for summer sundae.

peri was wearing some cool shit.

there was a photo-fit for a sex offender in the paper. he looks pure like me dont you think? so fucked. it happened just down the road too.

went to see these furrows on wednesday night too. they were really good. they have a new member and played loads of songs i haven't heard before. it was gooooood.

your not meant to do this are you? why not? i genuinely dont know.

ed hardy energy drink in case you were wondering. im going to get some to have at my flat as mixer. pure baller shit.

had a CBO from mcdonalds. basically a chicken legend but with cheese and bacon. preeeeeetty fucking gooooooood.

drawn this in a sketch book but had to stick over it with research. i never draw anymore. i genuinely think i dont enjoy it anymore.

some woman with dreadlocks sat in front of me on the bus. one little chap poked through and i couldn't take my eyes off it. it was so close to me.

the canal near the quay has got loads of green shit in it. it looks like one of those pure mental pollution ones you see on the internet. and to think i used to swim in that so regular.

i went to summer sundae on friday night. i did a little skit in the uncle frank show. the set was really good, loads of people were going mad in the crowd. videos should be on the youtube pretty soon.

the festival was all a bit much for these guys.

the maccabees played. they played piss weak girls music. it was a fucking joke. i used to love them when they were a punchy up tempo indie band. i used to fucking love them. now orlando, the lead singer has took to singing like a little fucking bitch boy and the music they make is a joke. it was so shit. girls 3 rows from the front were all texting during songs. yeah well done. i seen them in 2006 and they fucking killed shit.

this car had those little flags hanging out the windows, one stars and stripes and one union flag.

its been keirans last day at booker too. yesterday. it was really quiet upsetting, he was one of the good ones, and now he is moving on. truthfully, im gutted.

he had a last supper with jason. they always go to mcdonalds on a saturday. mark, the duty manager treated him as it was his last day.

jason explained to me that he had been going to the gym. it shows right? this photo makes me LOOOOOL

the last ever time, keiran clocked out. thats it!

we have this self service scanning machine at work. customers have cards with a bar code on, scan it and then get into the branch. i see them do some fucking stupid shit on it.

one guy yesterday had a little paper temporary card and tried to scan it by sliding it up the back of the machine. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE SCANNER GOING TO READ ON A HAND WRITTEN BIT OF PAPER?

i swear all adults bang on about is how they used to do bare shit back in their day. like shit to do with cars for example. apparently everyone knew how to sort cars out, and now its almost a lost art. we live in a digital age. how fucking embarrassing is it watching your parents trying to use anything slightly digital? or like jam on the internet or use sky plus? adults are over rated.

muller have released a line of milkshakes, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. retailing at £1.09, so look out for them.

balotelli. loooool

the whole women with short hair thing has got out of control aint it?

thats all. again, sorry its been so long since i posted. ill be back on it now. ive handed in that uni work and its just wicked-land all next week. enjoy living!

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