Thursday, 16 February 2012


How do?! i saw thinking earlier about the difference, grammatically between '?!' and '!?' i figured '?!' is to ask a question with exclamation, where as '!?' is to exclaim, quizzically.

On the subject of grammar i read somewhere 'Grammar, the difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.' i was so into that.


It was my birthday on saturday, so on friday at work Susie got me a load of little presents, included one of those travel pillow things because she said i was moaning about my neck hurting the other day haha, nice work!

I have no idea what this is about. when i took the picture of him i went round and got another one from the side, and he didn't move at all. i don't know what he was doing. just sat, waiting. watching.

these lads were in nandos on saturday. pure young lads, all killing it, just chilling, eating their fucking food. getting the job done. no hype.


that night a massive load of us all went out for my birthday. we went to republic, it was good fun, saw loads of guys there including millsy! the spanish matador guy didn't really wanna get involved in the tag team WL 'W' hand signal.

i like this. ATM tips. like anybody is gonna read this shit. all of the points the cashpoint is trying to make are all really obvious common sense things. no rocket science involved.

onto sophbeck and met one of the most genius king of clubs ever. he was wearing those ridiculous buddy holly glasses and a silk scarf.

I asked for a photo with him and he obliged and then turned to me and said 'you know who you're stood with don't you?' (i didn't.) i was stood in complete awe and shock and so excited by the situation. he turns to me and said 'Dave Massive of Massive sound records.' i had no words, literally speechless. what was i meant to say? if i didn't know him, i didn't know him. recognising people is not done like that. It's not like i was suddenly going to be like 'OH MY GAWWWD YEAH! I LOVE YEW MAAN!'

This was in wilkinsons, i really liked the design. nice colours and that, i bet it was stayed the same since the 70's.

Sunday a load of us went frankie and benny's then on to bowling. Max was telling us all how he used to skive school when he was about 14 and go bowling every single day with another lad who he used to knock around with who was a little older. he got really good, he said and you could see his technique was pretty decent. Byron beat him.

i seriously love these little peanut butter things so so much. gunshot every single time for frank for showing me them. i made this little balaclava out of a pair of boxers and a lighter, i was pretty proud of it.

i was just getting to sleep and this thought popped into my head. i really enjoyed thinking about it, i thought if well written it would make a good film.

like with the record sleeve, imagine one day absent-mindidly flicking through some cd's in a rack and then you get to the one and your heart skips a beat. you sweat, you just knew it was the end. that would be fucked.

I got to work on valentines day and this is what i came in to. susie had set up a little scenario with a balloon, loads of love hearts and a valentines day mouse mat with a picture of her face on it haha. i was into that.

thing is, susie works in the office with me and i don't know when it is going to get too much. is there a time when it will be acceptable to not use it? a stranger walks in to have a meeting with my boss and spots that i have a custom made mouse mat with a picture of the girl who is sat behind me.

i love croques cajun chicken melts. i swear down if i was rich i would eat 2 of these every single day at some point. every ingredient is one of my favourite foods.

valentines day was good fun. myself, mills, natalie, jamie and sarah (natalies housemate) all went out for food at the left bank on braunstone gate then we went to O bar across the road for cocktails and board games. naturally i smashed up the whole connect 4 scene.

the food was nice in left bank but one of the waitresses was so so rude! we came in 10 minutes late for our booking, and Jamie and Natalie heard her mutter 'oh, you finally made it then.' :o biiiiiitch

I recorded G-Tek in the box room last night recording a couple of bits. It was such a treat because i really really like his style, he is pure old school grime. i'll post the tune he made once i have finished it and got it all mixed down nicely. check out one of his videos below.

well that has been my week, pretty eventful! i'll post up some drawings tomorrow, but until then spend your evening looking at more G-Tek videos.

thanks for reading!

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