Thursday, 2 February 2012


yooooo, into february then. how quick did january go? I can't believe it. here are some more things that have been happening. I hope you enjoy.

this is what i like to call a real mans kit kat. speaking of kit kat, they have released four 'new flavours' for a limited time only, but two of them (the white and the peanut butter) have been out on the market before. don't lie.

riveting stuff from Liam Cupkovic on Facebook.

someone had dropped a chicken kebab everywhere, and the chicken that was in it looked fantastic. hof couldn't resist.

AYYYYYY! i met Pete Donaldson from the football ramble podcasts. for the girls, he is a the voice of ITV2 adverts, Katie and Peter, TOWIE, that sort of shit. I was surprisingly starstruck.

Bradley went to birmingham to sort this out, i was so ridiculously buzzing when he shown me. One of the biggest radio DJ's in the UK, wowzaaaa.

Also, Brad bought this back, its a little westwood condom promo item. It was covered in little quotes and song lyrics regarding using protection. 'wear a latex or you might be getting that late text - the text that says she's late' (i fucking love shit like this) 'don't catch nothing you can't throw back'

Kenny Dalglish was checking the back pages of the papers in the tesco garage. Naaah, ok then, all jokes aside. what kind of woman wears a full on liverpool tracksuit with matching bubble coat?

football on sunday was a mad one, pure good fun.

sunday night i went over to see natalie and eat some food. exciting times as an auction on a car she was bidding on ended on ebay. we all watched on.

HSE ONLY WENT AND FACKING WON IT DIDNT SHE! i remember the last time i used ebay, i didn't win the auction and it was so heartbreaking. I've not been back since.

i don't like these little chaps that jam in the bottom of urinals. little silver bells. what is your job? everything works fine with out you, so fuck off.

there is no place to read a book in public (besides on transport) and not look like a wanker. Judging the book by its cover it was some dungeons and dragons shit, and this guy had a pony tail, so its funny still but i kind of know how this guy feels. sometimes on lunch i think it would be really productive to draw or write some lyrics, but i don't dare because i don't want to end up on a blog somewhere being called a 'pretentious prick.'

i saw this bloke two days in a row, wearing the same massive gold sunglasses and bright green beanie hat. he had the most mental, mental, deep brown/orange fake tan/sunbed face.

a few of us hit that new tuesday night hip hop thing at rockafellas. It was really good fun, loads of good bangers got played, it was a proper sing along. it was a pure sweat box though! One of the best nights i have been to in leicester ever.

this is the last photo on wicked-land of bradley with his long hair, he just tweeted a picture of his new hair, its all off! he has had a skin fade.


maryland was not open on the way home so we had to settle for cyprus kebab house. the shittest food outlet on narbs? naaaah, thats munch munch. big up cyprus. the second shittest food outlet on narbs. they sorted us out though to be fair.

nobody should have to eat grey chicken.

big up all the mandem.

a weird thing happened yesterday. i was drinking a can of pepsi and when i opened it it didn't fizz, and the drink slowly came up through the opening and spilled into the top bit.

the can was absolutely full to the trim, literally. you know usually you get that little bit of emptiness at the top? this one was bursting. i have never, ever, in all my years of drinking cans of pop seen that.

that's everything then. i'll post some more drawings tomorrow, i hope you have enjoyed your stay. come back soon! thank you!

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