Tuesday, 7 February 2012


YOOOOOOOOOOOO FIVE WHOLE FUCKING YEARS AY!!!! i thought about this day when i first set up wicked-land. I was sat in a computer lab at uni with only one other person in it, this guy michael who was on my course who i hated. I remember thinking if i made it to five years and could still be bothered to write i would be so so happy. thanks to everybody for reading and making it worth my while. here's to another 5!

earlier today i put out some messages asking for people to submit christmas drawings. a wicked massive thanks to everyone who came through and gave up a bit of time to do a doodle.

Giane Richards

Aaron Bell

Natalie Grubb

Ben Melbourne

Frank Blanco Suarez

Valena Tzv

David Wood

Nially Cat

Miles Splevings

John Burke

Sam Taylor

Thandeka, Bradleys sister (13 years old!)

George Kyriacou

Max Barton

Jamie Mills

Hari Datta

Pete Heyes

Will Wright


i'll post up some drawings tomorrow.

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