Thursday, 9 February 2012


So all of a sudden our country has gotten ridiculously cold. my feet feel like they are going to fall off. the longer I spend writing this post, the longer I am out of my bed for, it's not that one.

I can't think of something I want to see less than this to be honest. The Rock: great in a wrestling match, not so great in a movie. put him in a shit wrestling match, he will make it good. Put him in a shit film... well.

I went to TGI's with Miles, Drew and Jack. It was brilliant. I had this Jack Daniels chicken with veg and cheesy mash. fan-fucking-tastic.

I told the waiter (who's name has escaped me) that it was miles's birthday, and he bought all the staff over to sing him some birthday song. Miles was embarrassed but then the waiter gave him a massive slice of this cake and we all shared it well fast.

big up all the mcdonalds kids...i hear ya.

natalie has got her new whip. literally picked me and jamie up from my house to take me to mcdonalds upon request. what a true gentleman.


a load of people went out for my bosses birthday. we all went for a meal at this wicked buffet place near the train station called 'more.' the snow was so peak Sam Dent had to put a carrier bag on her head hahaha

after the meal, we all missioned across to envy on the other side of town (literally.) there were no taxi's so we had to walk and bare of the girls were wearing high heels! shit took looooong

the sky was so so light, and such an odd colour because of all the snow on the ground. i took this photo at about 1 in the morning.

there's your fucking photo journalism. I dont know what the headline is, I dont know what the story is, but three muslim women in berka's sat on a bench looking at the snow is the sort of gold the sun dream of for the vault.

we had a peri peri around natalie's house on sunday night and all made skittles milkshakes. me and jamie tried the new(ish) crazy cores flavour, not as amazing as the original i didn't think.

it's kind of hard to see, but this pigeon had a funny pattern on his breast that made it look like he was wearing a black suit jacket, a white shirt and a tie. can you see it? i couldn't get a better flick because there was loads of people around and i felt like a twat.

i don't give a fuck what anybody says, beyonce is the most beautiful women walking the earth right now. there is not one inch of her that is not perfection. I know wicked-land is not really the place for this kind of thing, but I saw this photo of her and could not not put it up, what a dream.

I had a delightful lunch today, a double stacked butterfly breast burger w/ spicy cheese sauce, onion rings, bacon and all the nice salad from wetherspoons. (obviously chips too) this was really really impressive. mahooooooooosive too!

that's what's been going on then! I'm going to post drawings up tomorrow. I hope this snow doesnt come down bad and fuck up my whole weekend. I turn 23 on saturday. it's mad to think I've documented 5 birthdays on here. I'm still buzzing that wicked-land is five.


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