Friday, 29 June 2012


DUPPY! how have you all been? what an exciting week it has been. wimbledon has started, i fucking hate it. I've never been into tennis and when wimbledon is on there is no escaping it, its just fucking everywhere. you cannot get away from it. It is the tennis equivalent of the world cup in football in a sense that people who otherwise wouldn't give a fuck about tennis pretend they enjoy it to be involved with what everyone is talking about.

this is upsetting. obviously, we know that the burger king on grandby street has vanished. Also, the one at meridian is all boarded up and closed down. why oh why would they put this advert in the city centre? i love burger king but it is very upsetting when they do things like this.

the sign reads 'Guitar for sale - please ask' oh my god, can my man not think of a better way to spend his time? is this real? he was stood outside topman in the highcross on a saturday. from when I seen him I got a text off a friend saying that he was still there 2 hours later. what a life.

that evening was the Leicester University Summer Festiball. myself and bradley went along as the company that I work for had put the night on. a band called cover drive headlined the main stage, and dj fresh did a dj set in the O2 later that night.

I saw this well funny bloke supervising the hot food stands in the building. his face/head pure made me laugh.

This is how the night ended. me and bradley both got soaked. fuck this weather.

sunday i went round to nats and she cooked me and sarah dinner. Chicken breasts wrapped in smoke streaky bacon, stuffed with homemade pesto, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes, roast potatoes, grilled asparagus and green beans with a tomato and red pepper sauce. oh my god. I'm not even gassing when I say that this was one of the most beautiful things natalie has ever cooked for me. I could have ate it twice, but aside from the portions (which realistically, i think is just me being greedy) it was perfection.

all the maryland windows were smashed and have been for a good few weeks now. it makes me laugh how they just get battered all the time. its funny. pissed people should realise maryland provide a service, staying open late and serving really cheap food, its not an obligation. I can imagine drunk people being so pissed off when they get to maryland at like 4am and its shut that they want to smash it up haha

chinese people will take photos of literally anything. me, max and dan went for a nandos on lunch the other day and during the course of our meal these chinese people didn't stop taking pictures. group shots, individuals headshots for the portfolio, limits or rules.

this dippy little bitch was being mental and planking in the highcross. what a mad head. how crazy. I wanted to upload this photo and lie and say i saw someone fall over. I can't lie to my wickedlanders like that.

So like I said I've been craving burger king so so bad recently, that advert at the start of the week and this post was the final straw. I finally got some when we drove out to the welcome break on the motorway, which sadly is our closest branch. It tasted like my mouth had been possessed by heaven. I had done it, I was so so so happy.

yesterday was the day the weather was RAMPING! full on floods across Leicester, the sky was the deepest grey I've ever ever seen it. it went so dark. for about 20 minutes before the rain actually broke the lightning and massive cracks of thunder boomed, it was amazing.

when it came, it came hard. no fucking around. the rain flooded everything, roads everywhere were fucked. I don't think I've ever seen rain like that in this country before, it was incredible. I seen some amazing photographs people took of massive hailstones and how bad the puddles were where they were.

but then after a couple of hours of it it fully slowed down and eventually stopped. in fact after that it turned into a nice day. the sky was really, really blue and clear and it was so warm in the air. The rain all dried up. I loved the whole day as a whole, fantastic work by god on that one. really into it. a little more exciting than our average bog standard semi-grey day (see today).

I saw one little thing that said 'Heavy rainfall and highs of 24 degrees c' looooool big up global warming because you are breaking rules left, right and centre.

sadly Millsy is leaving Leicester having finished uni. Dent has gone too! my two favourite geordie birds snatched from our city, what bullshit! Im sure they will both be back soon wickedlanding and going mental after they get back into their geordie ways but for now its a very very sad occasion.

thats all that has been going on with me this week, quick round up style. enjoy your weekend and make sure you don't make any big mistakes. very easy with the weekend, you can get over excited and have too much fun. careful. (thanks for reading)

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