Friday, 15 June 2012


OK! How is everyone? In this single moment i feel like my life is a reply of about this time last week. anyway, off we trot. WE HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE!

It was Jamies birthday on friday so we went into town for drinks. lovely kate at the landsdowne brought us over a load of j├Ągerbombs and a round of drinks, what a star. these had us fucked.

so drunk that i accidentally thought about mcdonalds for a bit and then had to have one. i was a pissed little mess slowly forcing the mcdonalds into my mouth. i was so happy just sat there on my own. there was a wicked argument between these two wigger girls and some indian lads laid on by mcdonalds for entertainment too.

i caught up with the rest of the crowd in firebug, I was greeted by this girls genius shoes. incase you can't make out because the photo is a bit blurry, yes... that is a 6 inch foam heel. who the fuck thinks this is acceptable in this day and age?

sophbeck waving. The night out also acted as a leaving doo as Jamie was leaving Leicester to start a new job in London. he is there now!

The weekend was pretty good fun. I went to the Riverside festival on saturday (and wrote about it here) and then on sunday we went round blake and kirtsy's to eat lovely barbecue stuff and watch spain vs italy in the euros. I met kirsty's son for the first time and he is very very excitable! haha

on a side note, i thought about how much i love it when women are around when its barbecue preparation time. they always make wicked little extras that men generally can't be bothered with.

lunch was moving kind of seriously on monday. I love tesco meal deals, but its simply not enough food. it was raining on monday and i was cycling in it and pissed off, so i went fucking tits for lunch to pick myself up. don't be food as well, even though they do some stupid sandwiches with really mental nice fillings, the ham and cheese from there is brilliant. they use mayo instead of butter and it just makes it fantastic.

tuesday night I attended the best bar none awards at the city rooms. Its a night where pubs and clubs get accredited for reaching certain standards, and I was invited along with work. it was all very posh with loads of free drinks and a delicious 3 course meal. for the main it was some jerk chicken with spicy noodles and roasted veg. between a few contacts we knew at city rooms me and pete managed to bag 2 mains each haha, i felt so happy. the food was fucking delicious as well!

Steve Walsh was presenting the awards. I was on my way to the bathroom and he collared me. 'Excuse me, are you sam from wicked-land? can i just grab a quick picture please mate? sorry to be a pest but I'm a really big fan.' 

honestly, its getting painful now, getting stopped left, right and centre by nobodies. I'm busy.

me, sarah and pete were loving the free WKD's from the reps. we were all a little worse for wear by now, and thought the whole WKD-wicked-land connection would make a load more sense than it does seeing this in the light of day.

they had this new flavour of WKD that was actually really nice. i think its coming out soon, and its something to do with UV lights in clubs make it look a certain way. the bottle was black and i think it goes see through or something. it tasted like refreshers (the sweets) really sherbetty and sweet. shame it's a puff Douglas drink.

we went on to rockafellas for a bit after. I saw Brydee and she said she looooves wicked-land. this is a photo of me and her both very drunk!

this guy was such a wanker. wearing a vest, a baggy woolly hat and drinking a 1.5 litre lucozade as if that is a normal way to live.

has some of that well nice pasta again yesterday. seriously, this is one of my favourite foods to have in town, the guy covers it in nice spicy sauce and its actually got loads of chicken in it. peeeerfection.

it was nice yesterday so i sat and did some drawing at town half square. the bench i was sitting on happened to back onto a massive bush and these little greenflies kept falling on my paper. i finished my food and got back to the office and was well itchy, looked over my shoulder and saw my back was absolutely COVERED in those little green cunts. I kept scratching yesterday and feeling them tickling my back and stuff it was driving me mental.

as if thats not bad enough the drawing wasn't finished so i was planning on going back to sit in the same spot and finish it. for fuck sake it was awfully itchy, I'm really not looking forward to that.

cool dudes! right, well thank you for reading, I've got a load of exciting posts lined up so expect june to be a busy busy month for wicked-land. HIGH FIVE

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