Thursday, 7 June 2012


Im currently really frustrated because I've made loads of hard copies of my last mixtape this week, and have been handing them out. I've just got round to submitting the track information to gracenote and couldn't attach the album artwork. I don't think you can add it once the CD has been burned. long story short, people are gonna put my mixtape into their computers/laptops and although the track names will come up they will have to source the album art online or just go without, how very annoying.

the rain finally came and smelt wonderful. i sat outside under a little umbrella just sniffing up the whole place. it was perfect.

To celebrate the queens jubilee most people wore those little plastic union flag hats. Im sure thats what she would want anyway.

i went to see these furrows with max and bradley. you know my mate darryl? its a band he is in and they are deffo one of my favourite bands. check them out by clicking this link (their album is due for release later this year)

something mad happened. we were walking back, and a car pulled onto the curb to park up. as it did, it slowly drove over an empty corona bottle and it smashed, bits of glass flew past our faces and all around me, max and frank and then frank looked down and he had been got in the leg! it bled so so bad, and he has a right chunky cut right now. honestly, so much blood!

oi my dog is a shower guy i swear, watch how excited he was when he finally got onto the park the other day. i feel like a prick for filming this in portrait, it really really bugs me when people do that.

quick jubilee weekend bank holiday pass through republic on sunday.

i can't believe that girls are still wearing that tiger print topshop dress. you know the one, this one...

you knooooow, as in this one!

you know the one, every single girl in leicester has it. as in this one...

ok so something weird happened. this random guy tweeted saying 'WICKED LAND' and i asked him 'wicked land? as in my blog?' and he replied 'not at all'

the following conversation ensued, pardon my typo; i meant to say have* that WL jacket too (the jacket this guy is wearing in his profile picture has a big WL on the breast) 

i had to let this guy know he was just gassing. he said he thought of wicked land about a week ago and ran with it and i told him it had been my life for the last 5 and a half years. don't just say anything and try and claim it as your own is the moral of the story.

my man in the driving seat has got one of those plastic hats on haha. proper made me laugh.

wallatight the big johns pizza though. they come through and do it wicked, even if they are dippy as fuck. me and darryl went halves on a 16 inch and it was £2.50 each. it was really really nice.

a nice little two ten the next day with jamie, darryl and max.

not only does max have chips with a fry up, he was ketchup and brown sauce on one plate. he does some mental things, can you imagine that?

hello bro, you are not bird man. cracking effort, but its not the one. better luck next time, yours sincerely, the people of leicester.

this guy in a shop was showing me about apple tv, i didn't know about it. apparently they made these little chaps that plus into your tv, and recalled and reissued them once they realised you could jailbreak them. in doing so you access a load of the downloadable content, including loads of tv series, films and music videos all in HD. as well as this, its got a 250gb hard drive built in, so you can put your own stuff on it, and watch it via your tv. he says you can still grab the jailbroken ones from ebay. I'm into that.

thanks for reading about whats been going on and that. i bet you all had a wicked jubilee weekend. extra days off and bare of you are still having a go at the queen? frank said something interesting to me. she has the national anthem sung to her all the time but never sings it herself. I've never thought of that. I wonder if she likes the tune.

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