Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Im going to slightly deviate from my blogs typical chronological linear nature to dip into last saturday before i publish the weekly post to bring you a special on some thoughts and photos I gathered at the riverside festival.

I was treated to one of the most pathetic annual rituals in Leicester over the course of the weekend. For those who don't know, its one of those events where all the usual parties come down and set up a little tent or picnic table to raise awareness of there cause, all the same stuff as that they have at things like the braunstone carnival. useless pointless stuff that if they didn't exist literally nothing would change in the world.

sometimes it can be ok if the sun is out, because a lot more young people show their faces and enjoy drinking in the daytime with a merrier mood. however, this year under the doom and gloom of our english weather the only people who made it were parents with young kids, all the hippies from leicester and our little group (Me, Frank, Nat, Mills and Jamie.) here are a few little things I saw during the day.

this little girl was wearing a t-shirt that read 'i love football' then 'football' was crossed out and underneath it says 'fashion'. this made me laugh. I've thought about it and i think the thing that made me laugh wasn't that this girl was wearing something so crap, because we have all been kids and wore shit stuff, i think it was the t-shirt itself. i don't get the point, like football is the base, default setting for what someone likes and the t-shirt is rebelling against that. hahaha

jetski campbell was in attendance breaking the 'no bottles or glass' policy near the music stage with a delicious european fruit drink.


there were loads of market stalls selling rubbish stuff. this one was a card stall. I can't think of a time when this would ever be appropriate haha. it reminded me of when i used to work for bookers cash and carry and we got the monthly newsletter round and the big headline was that we had expanded into india, and opened our first branch there.

they went with the headline 'cash and curry'

seriously, they were out in fucking FORCE

this made me laugh. these people had a little thing where they did a weird role-play with little kids to demonstrate pollination, that involved one child strapping a massive flower to their face and the other kid fucking the flower with a giant model bee.

its shit like this that i don't get. what an odd specific thing to be teaching kids. they will pick this up along the way at school. its wicked that these people are nice enough to give up their time and dedicate it to teaching children about stuff, but seriously, thats what school is for. it was such a bizarre and specific thing to be teaching them, and done in such an odd way that i feel the message got lost and the kids were just confused.

still, without them i wouldn't have this photo of the flower heading girl. it looks like something out of garth marenghi's darkplace doesn't it haha

there was loads of stuff going on up and down the canal. like this bloke. spending his saturday on his own, paddling along in what looked like a massive upside down dustbin lid. at what point is he gonna look at himself and say 'my life is literally pointless; I define obsolete.'

unlike captain birds eye over here. It never fails to amaze me how many people fall into looking like caricatures for whatever field of work they are in. the amount of designers i know who wear checked shirts, thick rimmed glasses, well designed and practical overcoats or jackets (ie. northface) and drink strong coffee.


on the real though we saw these genius banter boys. all the barges were pulled up to the side of the canal, and one of them was playing some oasis from this little computer speakers whilst all the white british males aboard were drinking tinnies and doing a good banter on each other. we walked by and this pissed up one remarked 'this is my fucking house! and these lot are pissed in it!' he was having such a great day.

biker mice from mars. you can't really see but he had a small motorbike model on his helmet.

and to finish off a woman got too excited and stood up on a car. the people she was with surrounded her and took pictures and laughed, no doubt quipping about how 'menkle' she was. shortly after she got down one of the women she was with just unlocked the car, got in and drove off. it was so weird and pointless.

well thats wicked-land. i really really enjoyed writing this post out. thanks for reading and shout outs to Brydee Lynch and Benjamin Summers

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