Thursday, 9 May 2013


Leicester are about to kick off against Watford in the first leg of their playoff semi final. exciting times.

Schuh had a cool promo thing where they put these massive shoeboxes round town and you had to upload a photo and use a hashtag to get 10% off.

Had a proper nice BBQ round Blake and Kirsty's. Kirsty had done these massive bits of barbecued chicken, and I made this burger, it was really nice.

Indy is getting big now, she is about 18 months old. She was fucking around with Reef's hulk gloves making me laugh

The illustrations on this health and safety notice board were pure carried. they were like they were from a kids book or something like that. They were sick!

It's great seeing people wearing sunglasses and talking on phones because you can make up back stories about how they are secret agents or drug cartel members or whatever.

They are trying to make Lucozade look more and more like anti-perspirant you know. I wouldn't want to drink this really

Olly whipping and catching couple Arab papes, don't watch nothing.

These two turned up to Bede island for a little stroll in matching outfits loooool.

Lewis had a little house-warming bank holiday party on sunday. It was a really fun night, this was the only photo I got of all my boys who were there.

I have refined friends who go deep into conversation and sit like this. You're going to have to deal with that.

Olly was being young and impressionable, Jamie was being old, pissed and forceful.

Some source of light faced guy. All of a sudden everybody left the party and just us lot were left there.

Like a dickhead I burnt 2 holes in one of my favourite shirts with a fag by accident. I don't even smoke, what a fucking dunce move. I was so bummed out on the night man.

On the bank holiday monday the sun was BLAZING. I don't think I've ever seen the Quay so busy, it was absolutely rammed.

You see people with bongos. People bring a soundsystem down and let some reggae saunter across the park. You always get that inappropriate game of football that takes over. I've never once seen metal heads bring a pair of electric guitars down to the park, plug in to amps and start going mental. That happened on monday. The world has lost all hope.

Wavy Kama in full effect later that afternoon.

We had football in the evening all very tired and hungover, and managed to piece together a win. Everyone was so tired in the car on the way back, I've never seen everyone so quiet after a win!

Natalie had a nice barbecue the other night also. This made me laugh on the front of her house, like some kind of art installation. A dying christmas tree in a dustbin. Possibly representing the start of summer? However a rusty, fucked barbecue was it's neighbour maybe reminding us not to get so excited over the impending British summertime.

Thanks for reading! it's still 0-0 in the football, not a lot to report. I'm off to portugal tomorrow with Rose and Natalie so I'll try to get some funny pictures!

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