Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Yo wickedlanders, It's been a little while since I did a post like this, the last one was before I put up my Portugal photos. I just had a bit of a slow week last week for wickedlanding so here is what I've collected.

I saw this robot made of cardboard boxes on the pavement on Narborough road. I thought some kid either felt he didn't need it and ditched it, and is a pure cool kid or some kid is heartbroken he lost his creation. Either way, the abandoned robot just made me laugh. Helpless

By the way, this is how girls are dressing now. Fucking snapback hats and Sports jerseys. What the fuck is this shit? Fucking Rita Ora clones. Can girls start dressing like girls again please? Is that too much to ask?

I met Jess and Ryan's baby Bella the other weekend. Jess has always been Roses best mate since they met when they started school together and has always been around our family. She is the closest thing to a brother or sister that I've got that is not Natalie or Rose, and meeting her little baby blew me away. It was mad, I feel like a genuine blood uncle haha. Can't wait to be in her life as she grows up.

What makes people do this? Have a head of relatively short hair with a ponytail? Did they have a head of long hair before, decided to get trim and couldn't say goodbye to the ponytail? It's mental isn't it.

That new piri piri chicken place 'Pepe's' is almost open in town. Me and Max went there slightly premature, as it opens today and this picture is from the weekend. Either way, fingers crossed its ok and we can finally fuck off the monstrosity that is the Peri Peri in town. That spastic in the shirt that works there has done his best to turn it into a trampy shithole like maryland with no standards. Viva la Narborough road branch but that one in town can burn to the ground with all the dim cunts who work there sizzling inside.

I filled up my phone with far too much wickedlanding. I've got 3300+ photos on there. I need to back them up somewhere.

A couple of us went out with some of Toms mates for some birthday drinks for Toms birthday. We spent the evening in Terrace while this pissed up 19 year old birthday girl told us we were boring. hahaha. That didn't really happen. It nearly did. Toms Birthday is out Thursday on CD, DVD and iTunes.

Look at my smiley dog! Alfie is a don you know I need to start bringing him into my life more I think.

What's your tipple? A can of LOL in razz bri flavour or a 'Big Up' power? either way they now have your drink in stock at the international supermarket.

People are great aren't they. Look how militant this guy looks. So over the top. These guys who walk around in camo kill me, but to see a matrix guy doing it and combining it with the matrix coat and glasses thing spun me.

This is annoying isn't it? A really nice hat from USC with a lovely design and colourway. The difference between 'south beach' and 'south beach swag' is massive though isn't it? Probably would have got this if it just said 'South Beach' on it. There were a whole range of them that all had other annoying words on.

In closing the Market street Waterstones is closing. Are you blaming kindle? Or the people? It's your call. Either way, lets hope they turn it into something cool. Knowing Leicester it'll probably just remain a dormant property for the foreseeable.

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