Thursday, 11 July 2013


Hey, what's up everyone? The sun is out and weather is nice! I think this is actually summer, it seems to be here for a little while. On Narborough Road they are celebrating by opening a new barbecue chicken place where R-Code used to be. I'll be interested to see what this is saying once it opens.

Goons were posted up in town just controlling the strip and overseeing everything. I love seeing these old sikh men about, such a sick life. I'd love to know more about the dynamics of the group.

My show was on Friday night! I wanna thank everyone who came down, it was great to see so many people, and thank you to everyone who bought something to take home. I had a lovely night.

Strawbs bought the first piece, one of the dancing bears. These went well!

Natalie made a tower of WL cupcakes especially for the day, and a loud of meringues. everyone was chomping pizza and cupcakes and drinking a couple of cold ones.

Some strangers shown up! There was a fair few to be fair. I had this wall with all my polaroids in from about 6 years ago, it was cool to finally show them to people. I've never scanned then in before so not many people have seen them.

Saturday I went to Birmingham with Teeps and Amir. At a toll stop they had this massive cone that you pulled up next to in your car and throw change into. I'd never seen one before but there was something so childish and funny about it. Amir was pure buzzing and he was laughing when he was chucking this change into it it set us all off.

Boydem tryna lock Teeps off but they can't knock the hustle

Imagine being one of them daytime slumpers. Like I'll fall asleep on a park in the sun every now and again but I can't imagine just crashing out on a bench.

We whipped round the bullring quickly. The architecture in Selfridges is so astonishing, really nice and smooth. I Like shit like this, all white and clean and clinical.

I filmed a freestyle for a youtube channel called JDZ media. It's a Birmingham based channel similar to SBTV in terms of it's kind of content. I'm really happy to finally get on the channel, the video should be out soon!

Frank popped in to say hello on the wrestling the other night.

We had a lovely little barbecue at my mums the other day for her birthday, it was pure sunny and all the family came over to chill. My mum went in with the food, pure real actual grown up food.

If I was bound to a wheelchair, I probably wouldn't put one of those rainbow spinning things on the back. Or wear a cowboy hat. I swear I see people in cowboy hats every fucking day.

We had a lovely little podcast without Frank. We will be glad to have his spanish gibbering back next week but until then here is a photo of where the magic happens.

oi Harper was shotting bricks off the £10 tesco mobile at half time at football last night real recognise real on 100

I had some stuff from well baked again. They do these sick things called 'Reesios' that are an oreo opened up with a reek's peanut butter cup in the middle and then dipped in chocolate. It's so fucked, one of the nicest things I've ever tasted.

So that's everything for the week. Max is sat next to me and he is making me really nervous and is annoying me. If the latter half of this post is laden with mistakes then blame his distraction. He is sat next to me putting a biro on my ear. Bye!

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