Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I can't believe this weather. It's like what we've been lacking since about 2008. I'd go as far as to call this 'summer.' from what I've heard it is meant to be lasted a while too. Who knew we could actually have seasons in England.

In other news I have my first ever first hand experience of Yodel, the courier service. They are every bit as awful as I had heard about. Somehow they fucked up a delivery twice, didn't leave a card or anything, noted on their system that the day after both scheduled delivery they were 'unable to deliver' and then sent my parcel to Scotland after sending me conformation of delivery texts. I'm still waiting, I ordered my package on the 3rd.

DW Sports has opened where JJB was. This is amazing news, now we don't have to slum it with the tramps at Sports Direct. (Ironically Yodel is owned by the same bloke as Sports Direct. figures, doesn't it?)

I went to the 20/20 with Tom, Mikky and a load of their mates to go and watch Leicestershire vs Nottinghamshire on Friday. Leicester won!

This weekend I was in London visiting Jamie with Tom, Dan and Brad. The weather was absolutely scorching hot. Jamie got this drink from some Jamaican vendor man at the roadside. It was crushed ice and bubblegum flavour syrup. It was crazy.

Supermarket slumbers just chilling on a hot day

Jamie is living in this big boy place in London now it's so sick. We went up to the roof and he pretended he was Tinie Tempah for a bit.

Dan got his big boy steak and cheese baguette on the barbecue. Those forearms don't run on no duppy boy vegetarian diet, don't chat shit.

We had a barbecue on jamie's rooftop. Loads of his old friends shown up, it was like a housewarming thing for his new place. It was nice! Saw some people who I don't get to see so often, like a load of the people he went to uni with.

Jack was about and was drinking a little beer and smirnoff ice mix. Straight down, then into the Dalston Social.

The beg level in east London is on a million. SPT alone has single handily made Bart Simpson a hero of these kind of tumblr girls, and it's really caught on. I already clocked that some of the other skater lads are taking him on as their mascot, so are the girls of East London.

Some of the girls we met were getting the tequila rounds in and it got out of hand. I saw Bradley pull a face I've never seen him pull. It was great, I've never drank so much tequila before. We got back to Jamie's place and it made a return journey.

Obviously this little place we went for a drink had door staff. They had a little flyer holder on the bar. It made me laugh, firstly because I've never seen anything like this before and secondly the actual flyer itself. The photo of the two bloke demonstrating their services is brilliant, isn't it?

People are wearing diamante OBAMA t-shirts now. In England too!

Nice handstyle near Tottenham court road.

I met Valena for lunch on Sunday at some american place in central. I was super hungover but ate my way through it. I had a blackened chicken burger with extra bacon, onion rings, jalapeƱos, pepperjack cheese and sour cream, chilli cheese fried and a strawberry shake. It was truly delicious.


Not only was this guy resurrecting one of those flame short sleeve shirts he was wearing a Cruella Devile du-rag. Imagine him checking himself like Zac Morris before he leaves his yard. Amazing scenes.

That's me. I'm loving this weather so much you know. I was thinking about it. Besides for about an hour last Thursday I've not been in a bad mood for a couple of weeks, it's fully to do with the weather isn't it? Thanks for reading, I'll post up again soon!

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