Wednesday, 3 July 2013


WASSUP WICKEDLANDERS!? Here are a few pictures I collected before I went away to Turkey that I meant to post and never got around to doing it.

My mum sent me this, the girls from the voice holding up some WickedLand W's. Thanks for the support, ladies.

I had that insane burger from Jones's again. *J Spades voice* I love it, for real, I love it.

Cocaine cowboys just patrolling the high street. I think their has been a rise in these cowboy guys in the last 6 months. Maybe a new branch of humans like the matrix mandem.

Chill. Why bother going home to sleep when you can just sleep on the busiest street in the whole city? What's the point anyway?

People in Clarendon Park are so rich they just leave car windows open. Nobody will steal your car because everybody who lives up there has endless free money anyway so chill.

I went to see Jimmy Carr with Max and Tom. This really does seem like ages ago now haha! It was great, he was really funny. He encourages heckling and these two losers wouldn't shut the fuck up the whole way through, it was painful.

I caught the new mental (whose name has left me at the moment in time) shopping the other week! He was in wardrobe having a little browse. He didn't get anything in the end.

Toddlers eating maryland casually. I wonder if food is to a toddlers body what knowledge is to their mind at this age. ...Fuck me, I read that back and realised how sensible and boring I am these days. Who gives a fuck, maryland is delicious.

That's all I had for you. Tomorrow I'll post this weeks weekly stuff. Have a good day!

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