Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Yo what's going on then? The Luther season finale was a piss weak hour of predictable bullshit wasn't it? Does anybody even read this anymore? I don't even read it after I post it. Do most bloggers?

This made me laugh. I went to the cinema with Max to see This is The End (which by the way was very funny indeed) and this chinese girl was stood holding out a hotdog. It's not something you see too often is it?

The weather is sending people mental. Whenever I see a five pound note in these boxes I think somebody is getting far too gassed. This nosey employee was listening in on my conversation with Bradley and told me its because a local bar ran out of ice and came down to McDonalds to get some ice and made a charitable donation as McD's can't sell the ice. I hate people chipping in on conversations they are not welcome in, she wouldn't fucking stop. And I still prefer my theory.

I'd be pretty pissed if I graduated university and on my big day my mum took me to Mcdonalds.

I'm about that grape soda life you know. Welch's is better than KA is better than fanta. true story, this is what I doooooooo

You'd just print them off again wouldn't you? How shit does this look? And what kind of charity shop has to remind people they require stock? This is currently occupying the cursed plot on Narborough road so it shouldn't be long before it's shut.

Some unbeweavable scenes in town the other day. that dickhead red fringe was glued to that forehead no chances.

One day a lowrider pavement weaving fancy dress nutjob, the next day a coffee sipping metropolitan gentleman. 

It's always a hats special when Gwopaz is about. I met up with him Kama and Chief Beef on sunday for food, Roosters niced it again.

Rain PA'd for a day the other day. I really enjoyed it. As a rarity it is brilliant. You know the other night when there was that mental thunder storm? It must have been the loudest thunder I've ever heard in my life. There was this one crack of it at about 5:15 and loads of car alarms were going off on my street. Tom said to me that the brightness of the lightning woke him up! haha

I ended last weeks post with a white bloke wearing a Du-rag so lets do it again this week. Thanks for reading!

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