Saturday, 10 August 2013


So I rolled carnival the other day and naturally there were some good photo ops. Here is what I saw on my day.

I noticed a lot of old asians enjoying the food and whatever. I thought it was sick. I can't imagine how hard it must be for people of older generations to be accepting of other cultures, and I noticed so many old asians fully getting into the spirit of things.

This bloke was just taking his kid for a walk. chill out.

The police were about, begging it all day long.

It's amazing how these cunts can seriously believe that others are the lost ones. Going round rubbing what you believe in peoples faces screams out that these individuals need reassurance about what they believe, do you agree? Look at his face.

Meanwhile this bloke was dressed head (well, shoulder) to toe in green silk, even down to the footwear. Get over it.

I've been sat for like 5 minutes trying to come up with my thoughts on this picture, or something insightful or thought provoking to say about it. I've got nothing. Here is a 6 foot 7/8'' man dressed as a woman. Write your own blog in your heads.

Standardly, it absolutely fucking battered it down.

The food this year was so sick, there seemed to be so much more than previous years. I certainly had the nicest plate I've ever had from the carnival. Me and Jimlad got this jerk pork, it was so tender and soft.

You know how girls wear belts to bring their waists in? Surely this isn't a desired side effect? It's like an accessory purposely designed to highlight how much back fat a person has got. astronomical levels here.

This made us all laugh.

'You Only Live Once' is the motto worn by a battered 50 something stumbling around the Caribbean carnival. I don't think Drake had this in mind when he said YOLO

Carnival now comes with Polish people! Think about it, it's kind of obvious isn't it, why wouldn't they go? In the middle of this bashment area there was a couple, this bloke in his genus suit and glasses and the blonde woman to his right and they were really going mental. I'm sure the woman was off her face, she was all over the place hahaha

All these young boys gathered round to watch this girl shake her ass. I love the pair with their arms round each other at the back like it's a real moment.

I had a very good time.

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