Thursday, 15 August 2013


Are emotions made by your brain and therefore to some extent your own decision? I wonder if they are like habits and after a while you could train yourself out of feeling things.

EVERYONE'S HAVING BABIES! I went over and met Hof and Kelly's beautiful little baby boy, Charlie. He is a right chunk, weighing in at nearly 10 pounds at birth.

Natalie made me a delicious little Beef bourginion last week. Served with new potatoes, it was proper, proper nice. I love red wine in sauces and whatever, I think it goes so nicely with red meat. She always has the nicest greens too.

A couple of days later me and Tom went to Franks new place for pizzas. I had the meatballs to start, Tom had calamari and we shared some garlic bread. It was so light and lovely!

I had this well nice pizza 'diavola' with sausage and onions on it, with these fried med veg and potatoes on the side. Tom had an incredibly selfish sea food pizza and some home made chips on the side. It was very good indeed. The pizzas are made from scratch in a pizza oven, they were crazy nice. pure thin and crispy.

In what sense do you think this bloke considers himself a 'beast'? I see bigger blokes on a day to day basic, and he certainly didn't order the biggest meal you've ever seen. I don't get what sort of person would get this on their shirt. Maybe it's a banter thing with his rugby mates that my brain can't understand.

All onion ring everything at the minute. I can't get enough of the little fuckers, literally lunch and dinner most days. I did this well nice chicken and rice the other day.

I've never seen these before, and of all places they were in one of the polish shops on Narborough road. Kind of sick, I didn't cop but I bet they are pure sugary, like a liquid sweet.

I came across this and it made me laugh. So many questions. my mans facial expression hahahaha

I'm looking back and I've been spoilt for cooking this week! My mum had a joint of pork (my hands just automatically typed 'porn' instead then. that's weird isn't it?) with sage and onion stuffing in it and parma ham wrapped around it. Then she did a bunch of other sunday-roast stuff with it, namely roasted carrots in mustard dressing. oooooolalala.

I think Frank is having a breakdown by the way. He watched a documentary about Hunter S Thompson last week and since then he has started dressing like him and tweeting about being a hippy.

The police can just break the law by the way. Fuck your double yellow line rule. Chill out. Big deal.

Thanks for popping by, we are doing ok.

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