Thursday, 22 August 2013


I've proper got back into galaxy cookie crunch recently. It's so so delicious i wanna melt it and drink it just to get as much of it inside me as possible. How are we all doing? I'm glad you've come back.

At The Music Cafe the other night I went down to see Kama and Teeps do a quick set. They were playing The Warriors on the big projection screens. Nothing is as good as The Warriors. Nothing makes me want to be in a gang more than The Warriors. Fuck bloods and crips and all that shit, fuck it all. Fuck MS13 with their tattooed faces. THIS is the coolest shit. I wanna wear the same clothes as my friends and roll to other area codes looking for trouble.

FOOTBALL IS BACK! IT'S GREAT! Liverpool kicked off the season with a 1-0 win against Stoke, and they looked really good. I got a big Peri Peri to watch it with.

Saturday night I went to my cousin Jordan's 21st birthday party. It was a really good laugh, I drank a lot of Kopparberg.

On the way back to his I went into a garage. Look at this never ending amazing selection of confectionary. a true thing of beauty. This garage didn't sell any alcohol. What is the point of being open so late?

I enjoyed this womans face in mcdonalds with Tom. The way she was eating her chips was very entertaining for my hungover brain.

This shit is all getting too much for me. Cats. Cats everywhere, all the time. As ever, advertisers have looked to what is popular with young people on the internet and mimicked it. I've honestly had enough. Seeing a cat bound along isn't at all entertaining for me. It irritates me. I hate them.

Had a top notch sunday dinner round Nats that night. She does the best stuffing, it's so chewy and crispy on the outside. It was sick. Everyone I know thinks I don't like roasts, and it's pure like I've been misquoted. I do, i really like them but I think for the effort they take to make there are far better meals that I prefer. People nationwide should eat fajitas every sunday as they are obviously far more delicious. Fuck tradition and being English and all that shit, fuck it all. Just admit other countries food is infinitely better than ours and move on.

Jennifer Metcalfe. It's not a joke is it. The very best in the entire world. I'd love to take a tape measure to her and get some numbers wrote down.

I've had a good week for Peri, I think I've been 5 times since this time last week. Like the old days.

I love this guy. He is always near my work in a full suit and some mental oversized sunglasses, regardless of weather. He is too skeng for me and even you.

Peri Peri in town, the dog shit branch are selling lollypops now you will be glad to know. 50p a pop. ...what?

Imagine if you zoomed right in on Darryls face and drew the lit up parts in chalk on white paper. It would be a nice portrait wouldn't it! I like this picture.

I can't work out if I'm into this or not. Those rain cover things for mobility scooters. This guy was chipping, it was like one of those little Leicester Mercury stand things was being blown along by the wind haha

Well there we go. I've got football tonight. I won on Monday and yesterday 3-0 both times, but then I have not won on Thursdays in weeks and weeks. I'm sure you are as excited as I am to see what tonights result will be.


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