Saturday, 14 September 2013


Isn't it boring and annoying when acts go into the live lounge and perform their songs exactly the same as they originally sound? like obviously it shows very good musical talent but it's a little bit lazy isn't it? the whole idea is that you do a stripped back version isn't it? Nevermind.

What's going on people? This is like the shortest most embarrassing post ever because I've literally done nothing this week. All it's been is work and breaking bad. I think I'm becoming an adult who lives his life within the confines of routine without realising it.

On the plus side I went to burger king after football the other night and sat outside with Frank and Jimlad. How good is Burger King? it's the very best. We wore crowns, so fuck your life.

Why do fat birds love this hair doo? Is it because Adele did it? I noticed loads of fat birds always go for this sort of style, and try to look really smart and that. I dunno, just an observation. If I had a massive fat head, I wouldn't wear a giant extra Beatles hair cut on top of it to draw attention to it.

Exciting times at my mums house when Rose had possibly the longest chip I've ever seen in my life. You laugh, and sure; call it embarrassing, but think of every single chip you've ever seen in your life, and this is the biggest one. What now. There are millions of chips and only one Eiffel Tower. I know what I'm more dazzled by.

I went to the Rugby the other day with Dan, Dans dad and Tom. I'm not massively into rugby. Infact nah, I'm not into rugby at all. But it was a free ticket and me and Tom had a good laugh asking Dan about the rules all the time. It's so so funny when they kick the 'ball' (it's not a fucking ball) out for a line out. It looks so petulant and childish.

THIS WEEK ON SAMS HEAD EXPLODING: A woman walked into Mcdonalds, put vouchers to be used in Mcdonalds on the counter and asked 'can I use these here?' I'm pretty sure that prompted the deepest breath I've ever taken.

This week at work has been the busiest week of my whole year, with all of our freshers artwork going to print. The last month or so has been mad, but this final deadline was a killer. Of all the beautiful things in this world great or small I've spent most of my week staring at the little spinning circle of death. I hate this cunt.

Well that's all! I'm fucking off to sunny spain with my mum and Rose for a week next week so you won't be getting a podcast out of us. What you can do is follow this link to a space online where I host all the old ones and listen to one you missed from a while ago. Enjoy and thanks for popping by!

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