Thursday, 5 September 2013



I was in Peri with Jimlad the other day when this guy got a ticket for waiting on the double yellows outside. Even though he was in his car just waiting for his order this guy started writing him up a ticket. Everyone in the shop started going mad booing the traffic warden, asking him how he sleeps at night and swearing at him. It was brilliant, he must have felt like such a slug.

He still wrote out the ticket.

These guys were at the bottom of new walk with a picnic table and a megaphone moaning about something. If i'm going to take advice about the way I live my life, it's not going to be from people like this.

I really, really enjoyed Sunday. This could be a very good season for Liverpool. I've been waiting for Ferguson to retire for years.

Quick chill with the Pip Don the other night. It's weird, we left out to go for food from mine but then ended up just chilling, neither of us were hungry. We legitimately went for a walk. An evening stroll. Is that batty? Two mates just going for a walk in the evening?

I had the mixtape launch the other night. It went well, it was a right laugh. I performed a few tunes from it that when I wrote with a stage show in mind for the first time and I really enjoyed performing them. Is this the best face Mo has ever pulled?

I had when Tesco miss their delivery. This is a pure first world problem but it pisses me off. I only ever get these meals when I'm pure in a rush on lunch at work and this fully fucked up the base. Not impressed Tesco, You're meant to be taking over the world, what is this shit?

Look at this narna. Looking like Elmo the fucking elephant with saddlebacks in fucking sandals. SANDALS! after all that safety gear and she risks stubbing those toes. Mental. I'd rather be completely cleaned up by a car than look like this.

Well that's it! Short but sweet this week it's not a long ting. If it's nice tomorrow I might wear white shorts, and aint nobody who reads this here blog gonna stop me. That's what it is.

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