Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Ay you know me, ay ay you know me. What's going on? I was away last week on my jollys with my mum and Rose, here are some pictures I gathered.

There was loads of nice little designs everywhere. I really liked this haha so simple.

dunkno the pepper spaceeee. These were just hanging up for sale on some market. Pretty shower innit.

This shank was also for sale. If I was a roadman I'd fully role with this legend of Askabah thing, so sick man.

Sombrero season obviiiiooousssslllyyyyy

This kind of shit. That's my shit right there, I like that.

This was the view from our apartment. It was really nice were we were staying, pure baller shit. It was so chilling and quiet. You could climb down those rocks and jump in the sea for a little swim.

Fortuna cigarettes were doing a cool thing for some limited edition packs. Each letter from 'fortuna' was designed separately for 7 different packs. This was the only one I photographed but they were all different and really good.

The beach was so so nice, the water was so clear and lovely. Also iPhones panoramic mode is pretty good for shit like this isn't it? 

I think ice cold Coca Cola from the can is one of the best things you can put in your mouth. It's so syrupy and unreal when you're too hot.

The weather was a bit hit and miss the whole time we were there. Most days it was sunshine in patches through cloud but one day when we went into the next town along it absolutely hammered it down. It was great, being sheltered and watching people get soaked hahaha


Lol. This is good isn't it? The spacing of the words and the way the words fall on to different lines has been put that way by a human haha, how weird.

These glasses were sick. They were like one flush peice of plastic all the way round. Too skeng.

Nothing says 'I lack ambition' like a fat bird with her top on inside out. 

I saw a pretty exciting cat fight. There was a gang of like 5 cats that knocked about just up the road from our hotel and I just caught the end of them having a scrap. This one got badded up and came to chill with me. This whole thing was the single best thing cats have ever done in my life.

Then he got gassed up and started flashing me his cock. Prick

This old birds earrings were on a million at the poolside. Rick Ross stacks and bundles.

Art in the airport. What? Shuuuuuutuuuup

There is so much I hate about this bloke. I hate those super tight wooden beaded necklaces that weird hippies wear that sit too high up the neck. I hate cowboy hats and novelty hats. Holiday hats.

Well that's that. I've got loads of pictures of sick food we ate there but that's a whole seperate post all together. Thanks for coming by Wickedlanders!

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