Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Do you think that the positive value of being a 'walker' so to speak (someone who does things they say they are going to do) is of greater value than the negative value of someone who is a 'talker' (someone who says they are going to do things but doesn't actually do them?) I was just thinking about this, I can't think of a less complicated way to put that. I hope you understand.

Here's the lads before we recorded last weeks photo. Don't they all look super enthusiastic.

I marathon'd Educating Yorkshire last week. It's actually a really good show isn't it? After I watched that last episode with Musharaf and his stammer I went around telling everyone to watch it. I thought it was the best TV I've seen in a very long time, it had me in bits.

Me and Brad repped the Halloween bar crawl at work. Check out these guys who came as Daft Punk. Pretty good costumes aren't they?

This guy in the white T-shirt with the blue logo looks just like Ajax from the Warriors. When I mentioned it to him he finished my sentence as if he gets it all the time haha.

They're digging up that big TV in town. They've realised it was a shit idea and it was always on the wrong channel.

I went for Turkish food with Tom on friday. He put it away so fast. I knew he was really hungry but fucking hell, I had hardly started. I love garlic sauce and chilli sauce. I want to eat meze every single day.

Halloween was in full effect by the weekend. This is me as 'All Black Everything.' I really, really love black face paint.

You know what's mad? I took this picture of this guys phone case on the train. I was laughing to myself thinking about how militant it looks, so thick and industrial. I accidentally smashed my phone to bits about 6 hours later.
Some Chinese woman in the Renault wasn't pulling forward here as a car in front of the KA parked. There was loads of room and she had caused a massive traffic jam and everyone was beeping her in disbelief. I genuinely think you could literally fit a bus through there.

Mob so, so deep. Darryl and Sandys halloween party was a vybez.

Load of people were there, and everyone got really drunk it was wicked. It's been ages since I've been to a proper house party.

Special mention to Sandy for his Rick Ross costume, I rate that.

As per usual Strawbs completely fucked it much to the concern of my little sister.

I spent the evening dressed as somebody from the sex offenders register. I really enjoyed mincing about dressed up as this pervert.

As ever, nice to see you, to see you... RICE!

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