Thursday, 28 November 2013


Yooooo I was down in London again over the weekend, here are some bits. Open a big can of pips, pip it out and get into it.

This guy made me laugh, his whole stance was like he was sticking that pole into the ground, like a flag pole or whatever. Iron Flag album cover style.

In the underpass on the way to Ollys there are some amazing weird little paintings. Look at the minor about to get raped, with the guy lurking around the corner. What is that about? Who would paint that in a fucking underpass of all places? haha

These little lift correctly stickers had a well funny little sign. Don't lift heavy stuff incorrectly because you'll have lightning bolts of pain coming out of your arse.

Teeps on tubes vol.1

I was down in London to see Dilated Peoples. Their show was fucking insane, I'm hard pressed to think of a better hip hop show I've seen. They performed so well of each other, used the crowd, performed songs old and new and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was thinking about it, and I think they have the perfect balance of overground/underground so that the crowd was full of people who really liked them, but they've got songs that everyone knows. The place was jumping.

This guys hat said 'master of pleasure.' That's a grand statement isn't it? The word master had a crown on it as well. I wonder if he is and he is just the very best. I will never know.

I love those foreign yats in London who just have dumb money. Designer everything, massive, bait logos on all their shit. Not these two in particular but I think these are the hottest girls, you know when you get on a tube and their is just a persian babes sat opposite you thinking about how many gold bars she is going to give to her servants for Christmas.

I don't get what this sign means, do any of you? I don't know if you can see but it is just blocked out lines, no type or whatever. It didn't say anything, surely it serves a purpose.

The maddest coincidence happened. We left the show, went back to Ollys and left straight out to get food. Next thing we see Evidence from Dilated just chilling, literally around the corner from Ollys yard. The show was in Islington and Olly lives in Elephant and Castle, literally miles away. It was mad. He recognised us from the show cos we were right at the front and we got a picture with him. I was so starstruck, I really look up to Evidence, for years he has been one of my favourite rappers and Expansion Team has played as bigger part in my life as any other hip hop album. I didn't know what to say to him, he is such an inspiration. 

Youngers on the block. We went this pure fucked way to the food shop. Olly took us down some back way and there were these weird Mongolian looking blokes, both about 30 years old and both dressed as jesters really retching, like on the verge of being sick. As we watched by they carried on, but turned to face us. It was fucked.

More genius shit from the underpass

The next day I linked Jamie.I spotted this, some kebab place with 9 guys working behind the counter. That's a bit much isn't it? We were joking saying that they've got a specialist for each ingredient. One guys job is strictly to do tomatoes haha

We met up with Mills, Catherine, Lizzy and Jamies cousin Keiran as the day went on and we all buggered off to the Turkish place. It was lovely, between watching the football in some boozer that served shit food I had starved myself all day and I was really looking forward to it. We smashed it, it was delicious.

Catherine and Lizzy are regular readers of WickedLand and last time they featured in my life I referred to them on here simply as 'Jamies friends.' They really told me off for this, as if they were not important enough to be presented as separate entities and I felt like such a dick. So here they are, enjoy their little caucasian London inhibiting faces in all their glory; Lizzy and Catherine.

We had shots with the bloke from the Dalston social, this is a weird one off thing that happens far too often in my life.

I had a bunch of these kind of pictures on my phone the next day. Ciroc boys x Cocaine castles

This is the sort of shit I have to put up with when I go out round where Jamie lives. I can't take the trendiness of it all, everyone is so try-hardy. The worst thing about these kind of people are that the whole aura of their being is to come across as if they're not trying, and that they are just naturally that way. They just dress like that, speak like that, that's just naturally who they are. That is normal to them. I can't take it.

I was so so hungry after we finished boozing. Jamie went to the shop to get fags and I saw this neon light from up the road. I walked about 300 metres down to it only to find it was closed. The door was locked. I spoke to the bloke through the letterbox and asked him when the fuck the lights were still on. He had no answer.

The next day was a bit of a struggle. This bloke on the bus was proper knackered and that.

We went to Brick Lane aka Beg Lane aka Instagram Lane for some food. We saw some mentals.

Dogs in bomber jackets, is that Instagram?

There was this one show show indian guy cooking in a chicken shop wearing some Versace eye decoration, looking too skenged out. I've never seen another guy from a chicken shop wearing that shit before, how sick.

That's that for now. It's called Wickedlanding mate, you might wanna try it.

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