Tuesday, 26 November 2013


YOYOYOYOYOYO What's going on, I couldn't get the team together this week so I've decided to start getting into some of the stuff I've been sat on. I was in London this weekend, here are some bits I didn't get around to posting before I went.

The main thing that is annoying me currently is absent minded people. I eat shit, I either oversleep or under sleep drastically, but I'll always do my best to function in an intelligent manner so is not to annoy the other humans who use the earth besides me. I can't take people on the self service checkout scanning all their shopping, paying and then bagging it up. How could you possibly be so fucking stupid? I can't take it. It happens so often and it's so so easily avoidable. 

My boss has this thing on the air con vent facing into the back of his car that looks really like an oreo. Any time I'm in the back of his car I stare at this fucker like he is staring back at me.

The new filter I am using to put on these pictures really sucks the life out of food. I need to do something. Either way, I made some fucking money rice the other day. Green chillies and white onions are my shit at the minute.

This is ridiculous isn't it? It's fucking freezing at the minute and this prick is driving around with the top down. It had just started raining too but they were still styling it out like Mekhi Phifer in Paid in Full.

The internet is the very best isn't it? I was watching a Aziz Ansuri stand up the other day and he was doing a bit where he was pretending to be a teenager talking to him mum, remarking on the internet. He said 'are you kidding? All the music ever made is free right now' and it's literally that isn't it. In terms of the internets life span we are at a great point. This brings me round to me watching 3 football games at once. Portugal Vs Sweden, England Vs Germany and France Vs Ukraine. All streamed online. The beauty of the internet.

On the very same part of the same street where that car rolled by with the top down I saw two chinese girls with an umbrella up when it hadn't rained or threatened to all day. Why do chinese girls love umbrellas? Is it just a fashion thing adapted from the geishas?

Then I saw some girls at a cashpoint in town later that week when it was absolutely chucking it down both dressed like fucking dalmatians. Who is wearing a hooded onesie out and coming into the city centre?

A miiiiiinute ago Natalie made this showerfaced chicken, bacon and leek pie and served it with some serious sunday roast type shit. It was delicious. I look at this picture and want it again.


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