Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Last week when I was in London I went with Jamie and Catherine to an International food market at Brick Lane. Nothing new by any stretch, but it was my first time and new to me, and for anybody else in my position I need to let you know it exists so it can make your life better.

It's in some old recreational hall and it's filled full of little stalls all selling dishes for around £5. It's an absolute festival of delicious smells, colours and sounds, there is stuff from every single nation you can imagine, all cooked from scratch and served up. We had some mexican stuff and it was absolutely delicious, I can't recommend it highly enough. After the mexican we copped these delicious homemade brownies, they were 3 for £5 or £2 each. I had a white chocolate cheesecake one. I have nothing further to say.

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