Friday, 6 December 2013


So it's friday again, the weekend is here. Smell it's hair. hug it's frame. Get ready to have just long enough to get used to it before you have to wave it goodbye again.

We launched a new night at work last week, we are now doing Thursdays at XY. It was insane how many people were snogging around the club, it was seriously like something was in the air. Here is Tom with his champions for the night.

Show Me Love took place last Friday. It was it's usual extravaganza of booze and 90's music. Here is me with the king street shubbz dons.

So if you are struggling for what to get me for christmas, that calendar stall in the middle of the Highcross have got this. 

This was 100% wavy. Everything about it was on point, look at that design. It actually tasted really nice too, not the most refreshing but I bought it because I fancied a sweet in liquid form and it did the job. Barr's go in when you think about it. They constantly champion different drinks and really have a great part of the market when it comes to niche products.

Whoever marked out these parking bays effectively drew a massive tampon on the floor in thick permanent paint. 

(Long time wickedlander) Bronte's sister is also a wickedlander, I found out over this snapchat. Shoutout to Molly, what a W. Also I found out two guys who my boss works with (Nick and James) both read my blog. I know them both in a professional capacity, so it was a bit weird and embarrassing when they told me they regularly read. I can't imagine them reading my ramblings about people ruining twitter and what Bradley has been up to but there you go. Big up Nick, James and Molly.

That shop in town across the road from WHSmiths has closed down. You know the ooooone. The one that sold CDs and DVDs. What are CDs and DVDs? CDs and Dvds are what people bought before literally every single piece of music and film become free on the internet. You know the internet. That really fast way of downloading anything in seconds without leaving your bed.

I had a lovely romantic dinner at Victoria station with Brad. We had a real rose in a little vase on our table. Also, I think the festive deluxe is the most delicious thing we get at McDonalds in this country. It's wonderful.

My man isn't slumped. He is just on his phone. We need to get him glasses or something. Worst case, lets rest his elbows on the table in front of him so he doesn't look like a homeless drunk.

We were in London to see French Montana. Given how amazing Rick Ross was in the same venue last year we thought it would be a crazy show. Similar music would surely attract a similar audience. How wrong were we. It was the most dead gig I've ever been to in my life. The whole night was an absolute shambles. The promotions company who made the booking booked about 6/7 other support acts, and they were all over the place. The last thing before French was a weird freestyle rap battle thing that went on for about 45 minutes. Think less 8 mile, more youth club idiots. It was embarrassing and excruciating, people getting boo'd off stage by a restless crowd.

French came out pissed out of his head and gave an awful performance. Every song was a slurred mess that lasted a chorus and half a verse. The houselights were on from about the 4th song in, and remained on until me and Bradley left early. Olly sold his ticket on and I'm so jealous of him. It was an awful mess.

Look at this! we found a slab outside of the O2 that said 'pip pip pip' on it hahaha. Solid advice from the ground there.

I think the most masculine female I've ever seen in my life sat opposite me on the tube. Her eyebrows alone were positioned to make her look more angry. I'm pretty sure she beat me in a fist fight. 

Finally a photo of Birdman. With no backpack! that, for me is a very interesting revelation. Does he have a base? I think this is a pretty good photo of him, no? If I was Birdman I'd probably have this as my FB profile picture.

Thanks for popping by, enjoy your weekends and don't make any mistakes!

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