Friday, 13 December 2013


RAAAAAAAASSSSS IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! THE WEEKEND IS HERE, IT'S A WICKEDLAND TING. Sorry I've not been blogging much of late. I've had a slooow week and have been busy with other stuff so I've not had the chance. Either way, here are some snaps that I've collected this week.

I've been smashing Nandos this week. I say I've been busy so I've not been blogging; I've just been eating chicken. I saw some little kid wearing a WWE coat. You don't see enough of that shit. Probably because wrestling is shit these days and kids lives are not worth living but I rate this kid in the Vince McMahon drop.

We kiiiind of become a band in Basement the other night. They do a jam thing there and we went down and started fucking around with the instruments. This was our superband hahaha.

Snapchat was fun the next day after we did super ropey renditions of Purple Rain the night before.

The PS4 looks like it has the slight edge in the sales race of the 4th generation consoles but fuck me, they need to do something about the controller.

I went to see J Cole with Bradley, Tom and Dan last Monday night. As per, nobody remembered to enjoy it, everyone was busy filming away, stood still. My dream is that they would confiscate all phones before going into a show, it really gets to me, I cannot understand it, seriously. Aside from that he fucking smashed it. His band was amazing, he took requests, had so much energy and put on a great show. If you are into him, go see him when you can, totally worth it.

The girls in the office are good to me. I got back from lunch (ironically) and they had got me a McDonalds. You Wickedlanders can understand what this means to me, I was made up.

 Chinese people love technology don't they? No more so than anybody else young and alive in the 21st century but I do love a good racial stereotype, especially when I witness it first hand. The group were all crowded over a tablet of some description oooooing and aaaaaahing at something. I laughed.

Oz spotted this over lunch with the work lot earlier. Cheers for the further descriptive info because I could not have reached that conclusion on my own haha. 

Have a smashing weekend, I'm meant to be off to an amateur wrestling thing tomorrow so I'll be doing a write up of that. STAAAAAAAY WXXXXXXCKXXXXXXXD

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