Thursday, 27 February 2014


Hey you lot, what's good? The weekend is almost upon us but if you have a life where you look forward to the weekend all week I feel a little sorry for you. Fill your days, have a little less sleep and start doing shit you enjoy in the week. OOOOH! SIDENOTE! It dawned on me yesterday I missed Wickedlands birthday earlier this month. Wickedland turned 7 on the 7th soooooo happy birthday and all that.

I had so much nice food at my Aunties house. It was one of them where I kept stuffing and stuffing and stuffing until I felt like I was gonna pop. It was one of those ones where it got far worse after I stopped eating but it was delicious non the less.

I'm talking nachos, chicken breasts, italian sausages and lasagne. All that shit. We also had some chilli con carne with venison instead of beef. Fuck it was special.

One guy in Slug and Lettuce had some new next level 'sharing' platter to himself the other day. It had all wild shit on, some new stuff I've never seen before. he polished it. Shortly after his came out a guy next to us got one as well. Again, not the regular ones we are used to seeing, these were spectacular.

Phonebooks piss me off. How can they moan about CFCs and make the size of bottles of cordial squash and washing up liquid smaller to save on the carbon footprint and whatever but phonebooks are still around? It's literally been about 10 years since I used one and even then I remember thinking they're unreliable. It's insane, this legal littering of just dropping a load inside my apartment block. Fuck off, they should be abolished. One guy said recently when we spoke about this on twitter that old people use them. Well old people can call their Nephew Robert and get him to get on his internet phone whizz thing and find Grandma the number for whatever the fuck she thinks she needs to do. Everyone fuck off, the site of a phone book pisses me off.

It's not wonder drivers hate cyclists is it when they're doing stupid shit like this? Seriously, what are they thinking? I cycle and I absolutely hate other cyclists so I can't imagine how drivers must feel.

This is happening. Every year from around March to October the sun bounces off this other window and right into my eyes as I'm sat at my office desk. It must last about 15 minutes, upto half an hour in the summer, it's so annoying. It kind of marks the end of winter for me so it's mixes emotions.

Last night I was in Nottingham with a few guys from Leicester on Rogue FMs Grime show. It was good fun, it was a nice little practice session. I spoke to Curtz, the guy whose show it is and I wanna get in there with Kama and this lot, I think it could be a good show.

I needed to buy Sprite earlier today. I've only ever needed to specifically buy sprite a couple of times and today was one of them. Imagine my feelings when realising it was on buy one get one free... but there was only 1 bottle left. Who does that? It's only now I've noticed the shelf edge ticket says you can mix and match. That makes it slightly better. Still, it upset me.

That's your lot! I'm gone! I'm out of here! I'm ghost! THAAAAAAAAT'S WICKEDLAND!

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