Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Yoooooo what's good what's good. Here's a bag of shit that's gone on over the last couple of weeks.

Lava Lounge is a weird little place isn't it. Have you noticed they've started opening the front up in the day to do jacket potatoes and cobs and stuff? So weird and mental. Boutique little bar full of fit girls by night, jacket potatoes by day.

I made a curry for me and Olly last week. I got a bunch of samosas and other shit to have with them. It was so nice. You know the spicy green sauce from Bombay Bites? Just dipping all these leftovers into it over the next couple days was the highlight of my year so far.

Man, I wanna be Cypriot so bad. There's a block of flats full of them near mine. Leicester Uni students. All the men do is have barbecue street parties irrespective of weather and go to the gym. Also, I systematically fall in love with the girls I see around this block and from this block in my gym. They're so effortlessly beautiful and natural, not polluted by dogshit culture like Geordie Shore and V festival. Obviously being one of these guys means you get to hang around with and talk to these girls all the time. Fuck this man, I hate my boring crap life, I wanna be a Cypriot.

How could anyone vote Aaron O'Rourke for mature rep when he isn't even mature enough to do his hair? You're having a really important photo taken mate, just bang a comb through it for fuck's sake

I love Darryl's dog. I love being around dogs and I love that when I go to see Darryl I get to hang around with his dog. Max is always forcing his fucking cats on me and as much as I love going to see Max and knocking about with him if I am at his house his cats annoy me and hamper my fun. The other day one of them got behind me on the sofa and licked my fucking head. Am I an ice lolly? Am I a Solero? 

Veg in this country is a fucking farce isn't it. I was having a quiet Friday last weekend and I thought I'd cook myself a steak. I couldn't be arsed to properly cook so I thought I'd just grab one of those prepared bags of med veg. The peppers, onions, courgettes and so on. I went to my local Tesco Express and they didn't have any so I went to the big Tesco on Braunstone Gate. Sure enough the humans with taste had made sure all of the prepared med veg trays were sold out, and we just had rows and rows of bland crap left over. I hate the veg we farm in this country. It's embarrassing that in an age where you can just fly whatever in from wherever and grow anything in a greenhouse anywhere people still choose to eat the shit that grows here.

Look at this. Seriously, who is choosing to buy this crap? Have you ever tasted a red pepper before? I love veg so much and I always want mountains of it, but this stuff is just depressing and tragic. The war is over. We no longer have to eat as if we are in a bunker in the 1940s. Parsnips. As a human adult with free will I cannot comprehend eating a fucking parsnip.

The Lamplighters has closed down then. How does a place like that go under? I swear it was always busy. Thank god though. It's mad to look at this photo and consider it's less of an eyesore than it was when it was open isn't it.

I popped down to London on Saturday.

I love shit like this. Really wish more than anything ever that the white stripe on his jacket was the other way around though, the same way as the Oyster.

I linked up with a collective called The Spot to go on Radar Radio. I was excited, I only knew Marvin (bottom left, you might recall he did a podcast a few months back) so it was cool to go and par with some new faces. Radio is always fun though, loads of people locked and were tweeting and texting me.

I made an edit of some footage I had from the show. Check it out here

I linked up with Jamie after to record this weeks podcast. We went and ate our bodyweight in grilled meat and rice at a Turkish spot down Green Lanes before I got on my coach home. Man I seriously don't know what I would do without these places, they constantly leave me completely satisfied.

Ben (who now also lives in London) messaged me saying he was up in Leicester for the weekend and mentioned going for breakfast the next day. Is that odd? He was in Leicester while I was in London? Is that notable? Who gives a fuck. Anyway TwoTen is a dietary staple too. Very essential Narborough Road business. Max taught me to have chips with a fry up and I've never looked back.

Amongst other things that's like a little thumbs up, thumbs down of the food I've consumed recently. Hope you agree with me. If not I imagine it's been a very irritating read for some of you. Thanks for popping by as ever, and I'll see you soon.

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