Friday, 11 March 2016



I'm not scared to admit my flaws. With that in mind I realise at times I lack empathy. But I have just about enough empathy to realise that it must be pretty difficult to deal with the situation when your brother is being outed as a peadophile. By nature, naturally sisters are protective. I know my sisters are, and I know my sisters love to get involved and try to fight my battles for me.

Enter Faye Johnson. Faye was in the news this week because she has chimed up off the back of the ruling that her brother, former Sunderland and England midfielder Adam Johnson had been found guilty of grooming and having sexual relations with a minor. I'm not going to go into that, because I'm discussing it on the next podcast and this is about her. She's tried to start a 'Justice for Adam Johnson' campaign urging the people of Facebook to change their profile pictures to a picture of AJ hugging and kissing his daughter. (Risky given the crime in hand, but I'll leave that). It must be noted that there is hard evidence of AJ grooming this minor, he's admitted to kissing and now been found guilty of sexual contact. He hasn't been framed here, there isn't really a case of failed justice.

Facebook blocked her campaign, but she wasn't done. She dipped her quill in her ink and set about writing a poem on his behalf. As if the whole debacle couldn't be even more fucking embarrassing than it already is, she had decided to take matters into her own hands. The poem reads as follows

Poignant emotional stuff isn't it? No? The drivel of some any nobody trying to protect her nonce brother? Ah yes. Yes that's what it is.She is just adding column inches to a story that really doesn't need any more publicity. Did she think she was going to write and post a poem so profound and enlightening that when AJ comes to be sentenced later this month the judge would break into a wry smile, rip up his paperwork and tell him to 'clear off!' Is that what she had in mind? I cannot work out why she would want to put herself in the public eye with this shit.

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