Thursday, 3 March 2016


It's been weeks now and I'm still listening to Kanye's 'Ultralight Beam' every single day. I'm not bored of it, it doesn't feel like it's slowing up at all. I can't believe how fucking good that piece of music is.

These are pretty good if you get the chance. I got them from the Morrisons on Market Street. They have cola ones in the bag too, absolutely delicious. I love the way cola sweets don't really taste much like actual cola.

These things fuck me up man. They look fucking gorgeous don't they? Like you just wanna eat them and pop them with your teeth. Blueberry flavour or something like that. At Asda they used to sell these 'bath butters' that were all like chocolatey flavours. When you smelled them you'd have a 'winter fudge' flavour syrupy butter in a litre bottle. I've never wanted to pour something inedible into my mouth so bad before.

Darryls little mate is such a guy. madness isn't it to think for so long he had cats, and now he's got the pooch his life is rocketing down the super happiness highway. 

We shot a video for 'What Rudeboy' A tune from my last grime EP 'Wickedlander III'. Joe Whitmore shot it, I edited it and it's going live on JDZ media on Sunday! I'll post it up on here.

I don't get it, are you clipboard wanker? Are you a news stand? I just don't know. You know how people typically do that clipboard job trying to sign people up to charities because it 'looks good on a CV'? I was thinking imagine if you had a boss in an interview who really particularly disliked those clipboard wankers. Good laugh isn't it.

I've been in my job 4 years now, and the industry I work in is pretty informal. I'm in nightclub events. You know these days it's so commonplace for bosses to google clients before interviews? I'm really shook of potential future employers finding Wickedland. Like it's a really damning, honest account of who I am. It's not like I can walk into an interview room and successfully charm a panel when they've read me wishing death on Pitbulls kids in a Wasteman of the Week write up. I'm fucked. 

Just have a moment and consider how beautiful the simple McChicken Nugget is. What a gorgeous little bit of stuff. Always so satisfying, the perfect accompaniment. Genuinely, if I was a veggie I'd struggle with these. Whenever I hear people say be thankful for the little things in life, I think of these.

What I DON'T think of is people eating Maryland in McDonalds. Is there anything that represents first world poverty like this? Like with McDonalds it's cheap, there are no frills but there is a gold standard. There's a brand. There restaurants have become a canteen where tramps can bring in whatever food they like. Deliveroo losers can camp out while on shift. I don't get it. It breaks my hearts seeing sober people eating Maryland, have some self respect.

What the fuck is this thing? Am I being spied on? Are the government monitoring how many times I walk through a door? It popped up out of nowhere one day while I was out of my flat for a little while. It's on the door that separates my corridor from the rest of the building. I'd like to know what it is so if any ronnie's are locked, comment and let me know.

I went to watch the Ice Hockey in Nottingham with a bunch of guys for my friend Sam's birthday last Friday. It was pretty good fun you know. Ice Hockey is such a good sport man, I kind of hate myself for not getting into it earlier in my life. Since New York and then NHL 16 (the game) took over my life I'm so interested in it. The game was cool, Nottingham Panthers lead 1-0 into the final period and then Belfast Giants came back and won 5-1! There were loads of people there in Nottingham jerseys, it was pretty cool. I definitely want to go again.

Wheeeyyyyyy lads lads lads lads. Those stickers have gone a long way, I've got loads left too.

These things make me feel uneasy, they're so so inappropriate. Who fucking buys these anyway? Does anyone? what are they? Are they just sausage meat? Are they massive sausages? Horrible idea anyway, just get rid of them!

I went to watch the football with a load of the lads and me and Frank got 2 meals off of the 2 for £7.99 menu. TWIN GRAVY BOATS fuck your rules this is 2016 wake up

Some pissed up bloke was getting way too into the penalties and when Lucas' penalty got saved he pushed open this door and stormed through it. i assume he thought it was a door to the outside area or something but it was a door to the cellar and he fell down a bunch of stairs. He didn't come back up.


Darryl popped through and meditated on his bike. Kama was recording a verse for my new EP, should be out in about 6 weeks 3 day 11 hours and 21 minutes.

I tried to bake a brownie from this mix my sister sent me. I fucking hate my oven so much, all the numbers on the dials have steamed off of the front panel so it's just a guessing game. Remember the first time I did those flapjacks? They were crispy. I burned my hand bringing it out, spilled half of it and then it sunk and went all black when I popped it back in for 5 minutes. I was so excited and it went to absolute shit.

Thanks for reading, have a good day!

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