Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Yooooo how good was that bank holiday weekend? Like I didn't do anything mental or notable but I really enjoyed it, it felt like I was off work for ages. At one point I was drunk the other night and thinking about how from Thursday at 5pm until Tuesday at 9pm is a lot longer than a 'four day weekend' sounds.

These look like a delicious problem to have on earth don't they. Like these can stay. I'm trying not to eat sweets and chocolate, and I've kind of got a heightened sense of how much junk food is advertised towards us at the minute. It's everywhere because I'm craving it again.

I love making a massive massive load of pasta and just having it in my fridge. Spoon out a huge bowl of it and feel a full, thick, dead weight in my stomach for a few hours. Its so stodgy and delicious.

I was wild drunk at Beastwang the other night so I've forgot this don's name but he told me he was a Wickedlander and listened to the podcasts and everything so shout out my man.

How delicious does this stuff look? Maybe again it's because I'm trying not to eat sweets or chocolate that this gooey pink shit looks so delightful. If I was a toddler and I could get my hands to it I'm having that. Like Calpol.

Sae the one and only Pinky Patel the other day. second time ever. Pretty buzzing to be honest.

You know you have that bowl that you throw loose change into? I emptied mine the other day. I was expecting about £20, imagine how buzzed out I was. Kind of wanted a song to start playing when the total finished spinning over on the screen of the coinstar thing in the bank. Some victory music like when someone wins a wrestling match. 

I went to Crafty over the weekend, tried the new(ish) menu, lost my mind as expected. Apparently they're booked up like 4 weeks in advance these days. I hope they're killing it, making insane amounts of money and thinking about buying another premises.

Look at these gorgeous little bananas. I bought a bowl of them off the market and I've been eating like 4/5 at a time.

Swagging on the haters. This guy told us he is from Manchester and he has a business making these shoes himself. He was down for the weekend giving out business cards and drumming up business.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich the other day. It had like chicken grills in, sour cream, bacon and jalapeƱos. It was blinding, every bit as heart attack inducing-ly delicious as you would imagine.

My little sister came over to chill over the weekend. When I was walking her back to her car we fucked one of my umbrellas and it folded inside out. I then tried to pop it back the right way and it riiiiipped and then I couldn't fix it so I bent it up and threw it. I've seen these umbrellas dotted about my whole life and never had to deal with one. I've lost my umbrella breakdown virginity.

That's your lot! I've got a couple of other fun bits I'm going to be writing over the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled. WWWWWWOCKODLOND

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