Thursday, 7 July 2016


What's good you lot. Still backlogged but who isn't. You're behind on work you make for yourself and then you die!

As I was leaving a house party the other weekend there was a guy who was at the house party lying on a wall, in a shadow across the road. He was slightly covered by a tree just lounging, listening to his music on his phone. Alone. Now I don't know where to start with how sick this is. He had made the street his living room, and give his vantage point it almost made it feel like as we left the party we were in his personal space. It felt like when your mum comes into your bedroom, and although it's technically not yours, it's yours, and she is intruding. It was incredible, it really got me. I want to start popping up in random areas and chilling in a similar outdoor, covered vantage point. Inspiring.

The international food market was in town again. I love this thing so much, I'm always so impressed with what they bring. I had this spanish chicken dish, it was delicious.

What are these fucking lemons doing? Not only has Leicester got the biggest outdoor fruit and veg market in Europe, but nobody wants to buy your dead food with your dead little union flag bunting. For one day only the international food market is here and we aren't stuck with your english crap. Leave us alone and let the people eat nice food for once. Fascists.

Summer Ball celebrations with a couple of real ones

Imagine being a grown man and getting the number 69 on your football shirt hahaha

The Colonel Parker's tribute from Meatcure is one of the best burgers in Leicester. I've not been disappointed yet. 

There's a new little spot coming to St Martins Square. 'Bodega Cantina.' I had a look at the menu yesterday and it's all like mexican/ tex-mex street food inspired dishes. Looks awesome, I wanna go and try everything as soon as possible.

Do you think they just spin two wheels to generate what goes on these T-shirts? One with the start of a sentence and one with the end? Another T-shirt somewhere reads 'All day long I dream about...Selfies'

Beth Craine shown us a photo from when she had a brain scan because of a fit she had where she had took the time to pop Drake on her head. It made me feel weird and sad that she was so blasé about the whole deal. 

I had fajitas with Olly. I fucking love cooking fajitas because they're so easy to prepare, the actual meal last for ages and you get loads of leftovers.

The next day I backed out the skengman press and made these. I diced the wedges we had and put them in too. They were a work of fucking art and nothing less.

I bought all this chocolate with the best intensions of selling it on and making a profit. The Morrisons up the road closed down and was selling everything 70% off. Newer readers won't know but I worked in retail for years, so I crunched all the numbers and I was ready to ring around my shop keeper friends to see who wanted a bargain. Newer readers will know how disgustingly greedy I am and won't be surprised to learn this chocolate has been sat at mine as I steadily hammer away at it.

This was the scene as the England national football team let the whole country down with a little help from Iceland.

Dan took it well

I saw someone on the TV taking photos of something using their laptop. It's obviously sad when old people die, but ultimately it's going to be an awesome time to live in when this behaviour is a thing of the past.

Thanks for reading! Speak soon mate, nice one.

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