Saturday, 16 July 2016


As tasty as this sauce looked I'm not about to try eat anything called chunky sauce without knowing what's in it. I asked the boss man what flavour it was and he said '...chunky.'

Ladies day was a laugh at Leicester races. I'm so unbelievably bad at betting on horses. This guy Gus took a bunch of money off of me that day lol.

Out to all the international sloppers. Daytime drinking crew, overdoing it crew, this next one is for youuuu

When you've got a job interview at Sports Direct

The god Goonism was drawing stickers when he was working at HQ the other day. I popped in and grabbed one. Truly one of the GOATS.

I had my pop up shop at the Echo Factory launch last week. It went so much better than I was expecting, so many came down and bought stuff from me, it was so nice. AND I didn't get any pen on my shirt so that was a bonus.

One of my favourite things is old guys wearing stuff that has a social stigma among young people but being oblivious haha. I saw this guy the other day in the waaaaviest ralphy jacket and he didn't give a shit.

Martin and Sarah got married on Saturday! It was such a nice day filled with faces that I don't get to see too often, booze, dancing and nice food. 

I went to Grace Road with Dan and Brad to go watch the T20. Obviously in the middle of July in England it pissed it down. Why would it not. The game got abandoned. I hate this shit country so much.

The building site near my gaff and opposite sophbeck is a fucking joke. There's this constant pair of stripes of bright fucking orange mud, just incase I wanted to wear clean trainers and cross the road. It gets fucking everywhere, I just can't wait for it to ruin a pair of trainers forever.

Pokemon Go has taken over my life. it's so fucked. it's all i can think about. When I was at the park the other day I saw a guy playing off of two phones. Imagine that.

I've met and spoke to so many random people because of this game, I feel like I'm getting left behind though! Like I cannot keep up with where people are at with it

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Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend.

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