Friday, 29 July 2016



So for those of you who do not know Nikyee Heaton is one of those super famous Instagram girls who posts photos of her insane body. She does music in her spare time but nobody gives a fuck about that. The reason she is getting thrown in the pit this week is a post she posted earlier this week, and more so being an advocate for an underlying problem.

Nikyee uploads one of her typical photos showing her body off, but with the most genius caption; 

'when i was in high school, the term "thick" was foreign. i was fucked with every day for having curves. i was called fat, and gross, and ugly so consistently that eventually I began to believe it. the journey to self acceptance and self love was a battle i long struggled with. no, i am not petite, or delicate or dainty. but I am fucking strong. inside & out. 5'8" and 150lbs. fuck the mold, we are our own ideals of perfection and beauty.'

Now let's get this straight. These days it's so commonplace to be vain. It's not even noticable anymore we are so amerced in selfie culture. It is what it is, that's where we are, and we have girls like Nikyee, who love to post their half naked photos. Besides the point. The problem is her trying to act like her reason for posting these photos is because she was bullied, and as if she's posting this photo out of some uphill battle she's had to get to the point where she has the confidence to post half naked photos. Who gives a fuck really? We get it, you like attention, people like seeing your arse, just post your fucking photo and dip. No need for the big over the top monologue.

Sure enough it come around to bite her on her arse anyway when people started digging out her pre surgery photos. Turns out she wasn't 'thick' in school, as expected she was just an average white girl. Shock. I've been following her a couple years and even I've seen her body change. She's obviously had loads of surgery, and who fucking cares? She looks good to me. But to lie about being bullied and post some elaborate back story to justify her vanity and attention seeking is soooooo funny, what a dickhead. Desperately trying to add a narrative to her photos to capture the minds of these young girls who look up to her, what a fucking herb.

She's not the first, there's a long line of girls who justify posting their photos with some long, boring, made up, anti body shaming story. The same ones who will harp on about not having to justify posting half naked photos are the same ones justifying them and getting caught out when their lies are see through. Just post your photo and leave, nobody gives a fuck.

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