Wednesday, 10 December 2008


AY UP. we got a little puppy with week. we cant decide on a name for him, he is a little dark brown staf! ive been upto asda, made a sandwich and seen dave alot more than i usually do.

you join us last thursday i think, and this is chilling at mine before asda. billy and kyle were over.
on the mad mile, kyle was expressing what he thought of the and billy got caught on camera shopifting the pick and mix. on the way out, the security guard walked out just in front of us, and said "right, you lot on the pick and mix, pack it in, we have got all three of you on camera at it" and kyle was like "nah, you aint becuase i didnt" somehow, this guy managed to say that it doesnt matter, if he was with us that counts. i knooooow. he said he was printing our pictures off and that this was a warning. surely the printing of the pictures would cost more than a couple of pick and mix sweets.he was sort of on a chilling graffiti one, just casually letting everyone know about the steez.we watched sin city, and talked about how good it is and that, whilst drawing pictures for wickedland. we left billys at about 3am, good night!its been really cold again, this was frost on saturday morning.i think it was saturday night, we got the puppy. cause we all couldnt choose a name we all put one into a hat, and picked one out, and natalies came out didnt it. it was alfie, only natalie likes it, so nobody is calling him that.although it is like all concrete and shite looking and that, i think the council building is magnificent and wicked! all the reflection on the glass at the front.normal, darts.dave from work and swimming at braunstone. we dupped what we consider serious lengths and then sat and boshed chocolate and crisps for a bit. he has lent me tekken dark resurrection for psp, its dead good.
SANDWICH MASTER-CLASS - cajun chicken & mayo.get your little bread, ive got some nice baguette and cut it in the middle. grate your cheese into it, i went for red leicester, i like that shit man. i dont just grate cheese, i great it.grill dat so it slightly toasts the bread, and melt the cheese a bit.hof was ereeeeeee, repping the lettuce stage of the sarnie. i chose the wrong lettuce, i could have had the tropical lolorossa but i opted for this other leafey green one. bad idea. i had a mad allergic reaction to it and my throat was swollen.bit of a killer, because i had already built it into my sandwich, and spread my mayo onto it. so after my reaction, i pulled it out the side of the sandwich, leaving all the mayo nicely in there.add some chicken that your mum made the night before to your sandwich. it was so tender and nice, all marinated and shit. i love that fucking stuff.wipe the bit of mayo that is left on the knife ontop of the chicken. careful not to put the knife in the sandwich and eat it and die though. thats it, it was a bit of a squeeze, but to sub the lettuce out and off, i added some sweetcorn to it. i got a nice carton of passionfruit rubicon to go with it, good combo. BUP BUP BUP BUPi know i always show this shit, but its fucking wicked. as the sun was going down, there was like a grey cloud on the horizon, just chilling, looking like some shit out of death or war or something, very nice.met dave, boshed that wickedland. he introduced me to strips, like a pound for a polystrene carton full of chicken and batter. while we were in there, some prozzy came in and was complaining about the chicken she got, and i though fucking hell. understandable if you have paid through the teeth for some quality assured, bad boy posh nosh chicken, but we are at maryland. you pay 2 quid for a bus full, you not the primest meat.
ive figured out a fomula for being a wasteman a bit. like if you start off ok, and then with a bit of fame turn into a fucking arsehole, you are a wasteman. a good example is this guy, first razorlight album, not bad, humble, fun, good songs. now... trying to be all serious with song lyrics laced with metaphors and shit like that. "she lives on disalution row" (my spelling is fucking awful.) no mate, stop trying to be chris martin, because he is a cunt, just like you. fuck off and cut your hair and get a good nights sleep your fucking tramp.
DONE DAAAAT i made a new button that you can click to take you straight to the guestboyy, see you in about a week maaan

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