Tuesday, 30 December 2008


MERRY CRIMBO YOU DICKHEAD. its been christmas, and its still cold and that. here is josh. we went orange tree christmas eve, with some crew i said "let me take a picture of your face for my blog" his is http://www.quayforever.blogspot.com/

hof claus was repping.when we went to firefly after, they had free mince pies on the top, i swiped what i thought was the last one and their was just the sign left on the top. jimlad walked in with the steez of a great man and just ordered one now, being that there is still a sign saying "free mince pies at the the bar". the bar staff realised who it was and russelled one up, jimlad took a bite and posed for a flick as astounded onlookers watched on. yeah mate you look wicked.i seen a man wearing one of them all in one jumper and skirt things that some religion wears, but it was like made out of rubber, like an all seasons, bad boy weather proof thing.do you know about maryland boxes? also, they have printed menu's in store now what you can take away with you.i love doing this.yesterday, bare lads got together for football, it was so wicked. TOP ROW L-R tom, ben, brad, eric, jr, dan, john b, jimlad, max, blake & ryan (behind everyone.) BOTTOM ROW L-R danny, jamie, potter, sam, george, jamie & bonham.sore as fucking anything, me, max and jr walked from riverside down to maryland, and had it biiiiig. everyone else got in cars and that, but we was like, you know what, we are gonna have bare full stomaches. we tackled the big subjects over a business lunch. jr chipped off and me and max walked to blakes.when we got their, feeling all smug and happy with our selves it was only about 10 minutes before blake headed out and got bare maryland for everyone. do you know about being killed? jamie got on some next burger, as we sat and watched some of the girls aloud top 10 & mankillers of africa.

WASTEGUYS OF THE WEEK - the cast of skins.

exciting new youth aimed, made by the youth for the youth drama (e4!) youth tv show starting (youth). did anyone ever wacth this shit? again, obviously the people in it are dickheads, but more so the people who liked this shit are waaaaste. how posh was everyone in it? and they all dress like right dickheads. about a boy has a face like a kiddy-fiddler and none of the fucking girls are fit. and then you have literally some of the worst acting ever seen, it was just dreadful. but still evryone thought it was so fucking round breaking, and bummed the shit out of it. you only like this if you are 1) posh or 2) lost. the thing is, it just wont fuck off. i went on my space a minute ago, and it fucking popped up that its starting again, i wanted to kill E4. YOUTH DEMOGRAPHIXXX APPEAL!!!!

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