Wednesday, 3 December 2008


whats going on everyone? im eating these nice sweets and a massive chunk of my tooth has just cracked and split off.

sorry this is a bit late, been doing uni work and that. first things first i zooped my room last week, its mad tidy now, like clean and that too. i chucked loads of shit away, and i can fit more than just me in it now.
i keep seeing this guy who looks well like a parody of aaron around campus. im not sure, i might have mentioned it before.
we got a wicked voucher from work because its the season bitches. i brought a bottle out sambuca cause it was well cheap, and some nice lunch for saturdays shift. SHHAAAATTTTAAAAPits funny because my name tag says "BOOKER - SAM" and my bottle says "SAM - BUCA"

saturday night (or was it friday?) billy jr and aaron came round for a couple bevs, then we went to the charlotte for the first time in ages to see skream and a load of other guys djing. it was actually a big night, billy was having it!skream in the mixxxxxx
on my way uni, no matter what day it is, or what mood im in, be it the worst most miserable morning mood, i see this scooter, and its cocky little happy face looking at me. fuck off you object.

he is like stood on the edge of the cliff looking up at the planet. he has got as far as he possibly can on this earth, he needs to go up print, my bit of desktop was chosen from above.
look at all this stupid fence up the side of this house? its so small and thin, you couldnt even fit up the side of it. why not just move it in a foot, and start it off the house down a bit?
mr williams was in the paper, about something to do with bikes.
in this nice cupboard in the library at uni they have got stacks and stacks of paper for the printers. each one of them is a 500 page ream.
outside is not enough anymore.


kefron teflon. pretty bastard. so many many times your talking about this little dweeb and girls are like "raaaah he is dumb fit" and your thinking, what? he is a little kid. but geezer is 20 or some shit now, so that makes it ok i suppose. now he has shown how fucking bent he is by doing high school musical he needs to do something real deep and shit, like a pure violent real film, but ill be fucked if he does. in the leagues of punchable faces, he is battling for the top spot with jemery kyle, but christiano ronaldo has got a game in hand.

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