Wednesday, 24 December 2008


YEAH YEAH. my computer has been all fixed now, so ive got internet at home again now, for how long i dunnnno! aol are dickheads, ive spent about a collective hour on the phone to helpline. they are cunts. this week has been sick, everyone is back in the bits, and chilling getting ready for christmas.

about a week ago, i was in somerfield and the most mental thing ive seen in ages happened. this woman infront of us was shopping and asked for another bag. she had about 12 things or so, and went to double bag them. the woman on the till turned to her and said "we dont allow double bagging" and pulled her bags apart. the shopper couldnt understand why she would give her another bag if not. the woman on the till said it was one of the supermarkets green policies, and they cannot double bag shopping. the shopper looked well hard, and was like "your not double bagging it, i am, if your gonna give me two bags, how does it matter how i carry my shopping" and started loading up the double bagged carrier bags with her shopping. as she did this, the till assistant was taking the shopping out going "we dont allow double bagging!" the shopper told the women to call her manager, and she did. the shopper was talking to the manager, and the till assistant went to talk over what she was saying like such a little kid, and the shopper turned round and said shut your fucking mouth, im talking. and the manager told the till operator that it was ok just this once. she turned round to another till assistant and said "why are we told to do one thing, but made to do another?" fucking little baby dickhead, then when she served us and had a proper attitude. DEEERKHEAD. we double bagged.

town was mad packed because of christmas shopping maaaani got that ps2 off nathan at work, and my mum got a kfc in, so i had a real good night with kyle playing a bit of fifa 2004 yes boy.remember the old liberty statue that used to be ontop of what is now liberty halls? they have rebuilt it into some statue down that sort of way. i was like wooooooooooah i remember you!in tesco garage with billy. speaking of this shit, this guy who works there sorted me old some free brownies last night, because he was just going to through them out. bare safe, as we put them straight into my bag he pointed at the other till assistant and said "dont tell him".you dont know about hellnight just hanging out at billys house in a dark corner with a bucket and spade.yes booooooooooooooooooooy, bare people chilling at blake and johns to watch the liverpool arsenal match. feeling dat dat datjimlad and jamie were all like "thats never a sending off" im like "it is, dreadful football"elsa boy and kyle come, so we got a madman bare people flick, eric was hidden behind me for a fiver a head, bare people played poker later, it was right fun. elliott only learnt how to play about 10 minutes before we played and was laying on some biiiig bluffs earning mad chips i couldnt look.W. i won man, 40 quid and my fiver back, sooo. all the lads wouldnt let me get a flick of my chips, this is like best one i got!yeah, last night i chilled with hof, kyle and bubbler. we were at mine when i was getting in a bare bad mood over AOL, we ate a nice dinner what my mum made for us, and then chipped to hof and logans house to chill. watched a couple films, drew pictures of each others faces, i will post them up next time im round hofs to get flicks.


what does that shit stand for anyway? fuck this dickhead bitch to the max. mad, out there original style of dressing, the bitch can go and live on the moon. the beat on paper planes is nice, but not mad nice. have you ever seen this dickhead live? her stage shows are stupid, just trying to be original and crazy. she is the modern version of the word random. you know at the end of paper planes when she is like "more records than KGB funny businessssss" in some stupid voice? i seriously fucking hate this crankie. reminds me of dickhead drum and bass women who smoke weed and where combat trousers.

done done, ill put some nice drawings up soon, have a wicked christmas ay, and sign the guestbook!

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