Monday, 30 June 2008


Hiya, ive had a good week man...been seeing alot of the lads. aaron had a BBQ, i went bangra night at liquid, and went to see mystery jets.

i seen this guy, with a beard in the gayest van, with flowers all over it.
with billy, aaron, dan and kim we played a mario kart tournement. aaron won again. billy kept losing to people all race and then just winning it last minute.i seen Mystery Jets at the charlotte. it is the lightest gig ive seen at the charlotte, they played well, but its not really go mad music is it. alot of the time, everyone was just stood still.i tried to buy some snacks from the co-op, i really did, but it was fucking embarrasing. all i got was one of them fucking apple flavour chewits. i love fake apple and banana flavours. maybe if i was buying wine to snack on i would have been ok.
this is me and dave attacking bangra night. it was such good fun!

vinesh gave me a lift home, and the sun was coming up! kyle loves aarons BBQ it was good fun, lots of nice food. plus we all did a thing where we kept the ball up, but we all had to have a touch, it was really dramatic and fun.we played football on a sunday. dan was down too, but he left for some work thing. it rained really weird, and it was hot too.even little kids are feeling the pinch of inflation.

recognise this div? he is a prick. from the nintendo advert. where he goes "yeah im actually just showing dad a few tricks." but says it in this tone where it sounds like a question. and just his general performance in this advert. he gets box on mario kart, and he goes "did you see that!?" its like...yes, it was normal.

the whole advert is stupid, the way they try and push people to do brain training everyday, at a certain time. the grandma goes "i could do this before my breakfast, it only takes ten minutes" greeeeeeeeeeat. didnt zoe ball tell you that? and when the daugther says look, my nintendog still recognises my voice and the grandma is like "thats so fucking wicked mate!"

i hate this shit is a link to watch it for yourself.

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