Monday, 23 June 2008



i coloured in a couple of pictures on photoshop, and the rest are some drawings from tuesday work.

ive only just realised, ive done this in the coupletely wrong order, the start is the newest stuff ive done, and end is the oldest. ah well.
this is at work, in the freezer, its wicked. on the left at the top, the pipe has a tiny hole in, and when the cold fan stops every 30 minutes or so, a few drips fall from a tiny icicle and fall onto a pill of now frozen drips underneath making a huge ice cock.
all the bit around it are where people have snapped it. if you look inside it, it has loads of rings, like a tree trunk. its been well massiver before, if it gets really big i will get another photo.
check out all the frozen ice drips on the shelfs too.
we went upto vicky park for a BBQ on jr's birthday. i met the most annoying girl ive ever met. it wasnt sammy, or kyle...but thats who you get a photo of instead.

bird man.
dont this woman look naked.
ive been trying to explain ths guy to people for a while. when i used to work for subach, he would come in the shop. he is a teacher, and he used to ride a really nice over the top mountain bike, and dress like a teacher. fuck knows whats happened, i think he has gone all mid-life crisisy and started wearing flat caps and riding a tinny old cool bike. look at his cream suit aswell.
quay joe and josh were smoking these nice fags that someone brought back from india. lets look at the facts.
*you get 30 for 80 pence.
*they are made with a dry leaf instead of a rizla.
*they have pink cotton tied around the bottom of them.
*pizza king.
are you having a football?

it was sportsday down school field, and the kids are shit and small. the wind was fucking mental, as aaron is showing you by really having to try hard to stop a sheet of paper blowing.

me and dave collected all the trollies, that good innit!!!
all day at work the other week there was a massiev crane sorting the roof of the next warehouse. it was fucking huge.
i went the the cricket with sammy and my mum and dad, and i had a fuck off ice cream.

shopping for cards is always one of my favourite things to do. i dont begrudge paying about 4 pounds, because its like a day out innit. one of my favourite things in the world is talking cards. really crap impressions of people. when you open this one up, it goes "dad, you are king for a day"... fucking hell
on the other hand, one of my worst things is shit customer service, i hate boots people. the woman behind the till makes eye contact, and instead of asking you over, she still presses the "checkout number 3 please" button. you slags, fucking smile.

my big boy dinner.


stop making slam over and over again, it was shit enough the first time. you all look like keiran gurney, cyber goths, and like aaron said, you are the drum and bass for people who dont like drum and bass. stop making songs, NOW!

thats it mate, ill see you in a week or so.

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