Monday, 23 June 2008


hiya, sorry this is well well late, but as a bonus feature, i have done two posts. one mini one, regarding this horrible fucking weird in-bred place i went to called tamworth. and another, more than full length entry about the usual bullshit, just underneath called late-land.

first things first, look at how tasty this shit looks? oranges, raspberry, lime, lemon, grapes or blackcurrants. i found this on my way to tamworth and thought, this is gonna be a wicked day.

there were really weird murals everywhere there, and it was dead local. everyone was stairing at us, and they knew we werent from round that way.

in the middle of the town centre, there was a bloke who had a market stall fully devoted to selling gollywog stuff. dolls, watches, lighters and mugs and that.
this is one of the murals. this is tamworth football team. on the side: a fucking grey blob, a monkey, pucca love, a goal keeper, who raps and dj's whilst he is on the pitch, he just brings his decks on with him, other weird little tag masters, and a breakdancing winnie the pooh.

another little racist undertone: the monkey with the burberry hat.
my phone battery ran out, but on my mates camera i got a photo of this other guy, wearing the best shit ever. ill put it up when i get it.
however, i did see one wicked thing. this skate park was under a road, in the arches of a bridge. and inbetween the concrete slabs about 20 feet up, people had thrown litterally 100's of pop bottles, and got them stuck. some of them had really old labels, and the dregs of the pepsi that was in the bottle before had turned green.

thats it, fuck tamworth, you weird bastards.

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