Wednesday, 11 June 2008


hello. ive had a proper wicked week this week. the sun has been out, i got a new phone...things have just been going ok.

please take the time to follow this link and read it. it really really pissed me off. its in the back of a little news magazine thing, made by the council, for the council. the people nominate themselves to answer 20 questions. this guy is so so funny...its like he is trying to be really witty and come across well clever, and make sure he tells everyone he is into punk. i wish local goons could be wasteman of the week, because this twat smashes it.
some drawings...

these are my photos from the week.

i went b and s to get sweets with aaron. they had halal flavour sweeties.

also, we got "pantteri tassut" there are five flavours, red, green, light green, yellow and liquorice. aaron gave me all his liquorice ones, cause he dont like em, and i didnt too much either, they were like cheap shit flavour. seen the cat on the packet though? big big big.

i hate people who think thats purple sweets are blacks. only liquorice is black. blackcurrent sweets are called "purples", not blacks. get it fucking right and stop pissing me off so bad. i hate these twats in town, why not? why shouldnt i? crap film, fucking great food...why shouldnt i eat her?
last week, i went to sumo with aaron (pictured) to see a band called dananananaykroyd who he is always fucking banging on about. they were actually really really really good, shame there was only about 20 people there. they were supporting some shit band called jonny foreigner (hense the backdrop). this band had a dickhead shouty girl singer, and a fucking stupid show off drummer.

when they were setting up and they play some songs over the stereo, a guitar bit came into one of the songs and the drummer played air guitar to it, showing everyone that he knew how to play the riff. what a twat dont you think? greeeeat....who cares? he thought he was wicked. me and aaron walked out half way through them because they are as shit as shy child.

on thursday night, it was proper hot, i got upto booker and found out i was working in the freezer. i was happy and cold.

i went to play football with the lads on sunday.

on the way back, we went to iceland, and they didnt let this woman in, it was really funny.
this guy had a t-shirt on that said "i love anna"!
on monday it was proper proper hot, so i sat in my back garden in the sun playing PSP. it was wicked! im still sun-burnt from it now!
i met sammy and we went tesco garage to get good stuff for a picnic. i was tempted into buying food colouring, because it was so so cheap. cheaper than a blackjack bar or a flump.
seen even stevens beard? he is only about 12 int he?

picnicing with sammy... check my malt loaf steez, i ate the whole thing and it was wicked.
sammy feels doritos, dip and my sunglasses.
this woman on my street thought she was pharrell 4 years ago.

i really love seeing dead pigeons. they are fucking discusting animals. fuck them so so bad.
i got bored at work and drew on some spare id badges. shades...bally...emo hair and beard...bart simpson...big beard and glasssess.....s
yesterday, i played football down the quay for a bit and jimlad was getting chased by this little dog. it was wicked and funny. jamie was laughing. quay joe can score really good goals by making his legs like a number 4.
just scooting....


the drummer from jonny foreigner. (on the left)

well more or less the whole band in general, some stupid girl, who thinks she is fit, but she is just a loud cunt, a guy, who spa's her on the vocal aspects, and the drummer who thinks he is wicked. he was pulling stupid faces, being really cocky and showing everyone that he knew the guitar bits to songs too, aswell as drumming along to songs whilst setting up. you fucking twat!! i hate you! i wish your fucking dad put you into a tissue you fucking deadout wastemaaan!!!!

that is it for another week. did anyone see hollands second goal again italy? if so, please come and talk to me about it...i really enjoyed it. im going to make some pizza now. see you later mate.

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