Tuesday, 22 July 2008


AYO! so this was my trip to london, with Billy, and a few of the arty bird course lot. it was on the 16/07/08 and the weather was lovely. i took a disposable camera too, so when i get the flicks done, ill stick em on.
these are my train tickets.

we went on the london underground bare times.
seen a futuristic holy-man.
Billy was just so excited by the Royal academy of arts summer exibition, he couldnt hold it in. it was actually really good, packed with loads of different stuff.there was this massive statue out-side what you could sit in and that. me and billy found a little cubby hole, where billy could smoke and i couldnt hang out of and look like a mong.
we went on them massive esculators.

this is billy on his way to the tate. the tate was well well well disapointing, there was fuck all!
uselessness just doesnt cover it.

this is that new bridge thats been built, it was wicked.
rush hour in london! fuck that! i thought the 104 got busy.
this was our badboy travel card. any underground train at any time. how big?we then went to the morley gallery to see an exibition of work completed by Debbie's (the lady who organises the course) students who have just finished.
usually, Debbie does the course over the internet, and while we were there, after about a year of talking to this woman on the phone and over email some of her students were seeing her for the first time, they were like "where is she? i wanna see what she looks like"
this bloke was well safe.
then we got the train back. it was a wicked day maaaan, ill put up the other flciks when i get them developed.

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