Monday, 14 July 2008


OK OK OK OK hiya again. this weeks been very footballing, we seen jr off, and i discuss boots customer service again.

i walked down bens street near the start of the week... and i always forget how fucking long it is. here is a massive, 5 part joiner. if you click it, you will see i am already 3 quarters up the road, look at how far away the left vanishing point is. i played ROMs with aaron when i got to his anyway.

i went to get sammys parcel from royal mail. here is me, with it.
my lightbukb went so now ive got a new shit energy one that reminds me of that thing where you put a marble in it.i chilled out with Jr, Billy and Kyle on thursday night, we were booting my ball as high as we could and heading it. it was dead funny. also, i rudeboy on a moped started on us a bit.this was the weather on the way down to football one day. naturally i wore shorts and a t-shirt.and this was the weather on the way back. it rained so so bad, i got in and had the nicest hottest bath.
i had a lovely cold IRN BRU. i forgot how nice these bad boys were.
me and sammy dusted off my Wii yesterday, we played and had some good fun man!
all the boys (including Dene, Ben and Tom not in the photo) got together to have one last football match to see Jr off. he is going america for 5 weeks! L-R Lucon (i think) Jr's cousin, me, kyle, jr, bradley, billy, jamie jones and aaron.
today me and sammy went and smacked up the pizza hut buffet. see me next to the blue cheese sauce.

i seen the most dedicated footballer, really blasting her ball against this statue, and it was going everywhere. this photo doesnt do it justice, i should have filmed it!
this woman has sat at a till at boots, and just reading the paper. ha ha ha! everyone was looking at her!
liam, my sister boyfriend gave me a microphone, a stand, and a mixer. Sounds of the boxroom going big!!
it pains me, as mighty boosh used to be really funny, but then they came up with a formular for all the jokes, and all the second series bastards started going Yeeeah ha ha ha nanagedon. fuck off you are a twat. noel, mate, stop trying to be as funny as julian mate, it aint going to happen. this muppet poser is becoming a bit of a star by himself, using howard as a ladder, and then just chucking him in the canal. i hate your alexa chung face, you wasteman. fuck off

thats about it. im going london this week, so ill get some good capital weirdo's for you to ogle. see you soon.

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