Friday, 4 July 2008


hello everyone. not a very post this time, but its not been a week, so shut up. ive been to the dentist, watched a good film and made a fire.

after i got back from finding out that to get my filling and that its going to cost me £163, i seen this wicked old woman with big boy nikes on.

reeses nutragous bar dipped in the cadburys chocolate shit? Yeeeeeeah Maaan
there is a new tj supermarket opened near two funky. i love these shops, so well maintained, competative prices, fantastic service and foreign tropical juice than you know what to do with. i got the red glass bottle one in the middle at the bottom pomigranate and passion fruit flavour.
it rained. billy got soaked in it. this isnt him, but this shows the rain.
me and kyle were talking about that thing on countdown where "CUNTFLAPS" came up and if it was real and that. wet prick came up and we were like is this really happening to us? we are so lucky.
that night, kyle and junior got food from a staple of, kyle, jr and billy and dan went down the great central. whilst billy kyle and dan sat and smoked zoots, me and jr nicked and carried 4 pallets well far, they were proper hard to get hold of. it was worth it, we all had a right laugh breaking them up. we built a fire , it was really nice, just chilling out having a laugh.

we all retired at about 3 and went home and that. nice one, see you later

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