Monday, 7 July 2008


Its only been three days. here's whats happened.

that tj's supermarket near 2funky sells these little chewing gum. they are on the counter, for five pence each. please go and try them, they literally taste of absolutely nothing. except, there is one that is purple and gold and that tastes like compost.

they also sell i still drink (in a can) with dan curtis on it.
i seen this woman, i couldnt get a good photo, but you can see a bit, she is well past 45 and wearing a top that finishes well past 25.
they are so big.

sammy got me a pizza on saturday night! they were all still wearing britians got talent hats. DEADOUTTTTTT the sky was so weird, and has been recently. look at how nice that cloud far away looks.

i went football today, dan went on holiday with his lads from work to grand canari(a?). have a good time dan, see you soon.
RAAAIN!!!! its been raining wicked recently.
i was thinking, since global warming made it big in about 2006, weather has been like the new school holidays. it used to just be one big hot patch of summer, and shit all year around that, with no gaps...but now, its like you get a real hot week in march, and a shorter summer to make up for it.

i watched "the diving bell and the butterfly" too, about Jean Do Bauby who had a stroke and got locked in syndrome. its really good, im going to buy the book sometime.

its your boy chad kroeger. look at his annoying mush. he brought that hidiously overplayed rockstar song into the world, and for that, i hate him equally with the presenter of balls of steel and alexa chung. when i try to get sleep at night, all i can hear is "im gonna pop my pills from a pez dispenser" over and over again.

ps, have you seen how strang this advert is?

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