Wednesday, 6 August 2008


YOOOOOO! as you know it was caribs carns, so i got some flicks of that. ive been working, they offered me more hours next week and john burke scored a cracker.

this was the start of the day, i met kyle and martin and martin had to go to the bank. me and kyle wrote hateful messages, not a million miles away from the walls of the oddy toilets on little bank leaflets and put them back in the rack.this was a well nice little thing in this shop. after i ate it, i thought about that thing that they found 18 different types of piss on a bowl of nuts in a bar and what could be on these sweets.

kyle was a badboy, swearing at the police...but secretly a good boy, asking for directions.

we chilled with the team at the carnival L-R:lee page, dan, beavil carnevil, d-wayne, myself, elsa, john burke and a guy who i do not know the name of, sorry pal.

dan and john got some chicken, rice and peas. theres was so so so much beter than the one that me and sam had earlier this day. battery chicken grissle shite.

from now on, on mus's weekends at work he is bringing in the old security guard to keep an eye on stuff, but he isnt getting payed! he smells the worst i have ever smelt someone. he was telling me about how sometimes, he just goes home and goes sleep in his work clothes because he has to do nightshifts in a couple hours. also, there is a massive brown stain around his collar of his white shirt.
readable orrrrrr
i went asda with sammy, and a really funny thing happened. we were getting something to eat in the cafe and we had a small stack of maybe 3 or 4 napkins. a mum, a teenage daughter and a dad sat down on the table next to us, and the mum went "ahh, are they spare? " and before i even had time to reply she had took the napkins! the cheek of the whole thing was she then got up to go and get some coffee and tea, near the napkins!!!!! (not the mum and teenage daughter pictured mind)
i felt my story about the toilets at the council was ill informed, and you might of thought that i was lying about the other soap dispenser not in the picture. this is a picture i took this tuesday, showing not only another dispenser, but a hand pump soap too. the fucking mincy bastard.
you know real when you see a filbert street leather jacket! ZOOP ZOOP
you fucking nonse!!! ha ha! firstly, i cant believe people actually think this shit improves there brains. doing some basic sums, and some suduko...what a fucking joke. and somehow, this guy is making big big money. sammy got it, and i hate this cocky little twat. he is so so smug, thinking his shit is wicked, telling you what crap little games you can play. GTA should get in his game and kill him.
finally, look at the advert for WICKEDLAND

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