Friday, 1 August 2008


AYO!!!!!!!!!!! ive got started on The boxroom special mixtape with Sam Elliott this week and Don Dilla 2 is as good as done, and hopefully out next week! the weather has still been big too.

i seen this cool bastard on the way to work on tuesday.
i bumped into elvin too, so we went subway and listened to my ipod.

a weird thing happened in the toilets at work, i was pissing in the left cubical, and i guy lent over my shoulder to get soap from the dispenser. i thought, ok, a bit not needed, maybe just a hygiene guy, then when i turned round, there was one above this sinks too. BENNYYY

like i said, we started recording boxroom special, check the video for some of the bars.

href=""> aaron took me a bunch of photos for the cover of don dilla 2 (which should hopefully be out next week). cheers aaron. this is him taking a picture of a cat.
i always see guys in virgin just killing it. (this was a lad).
rocking the lucozade instead of the mcD's coffee.
this is what is left of that tree near church!
like i said, elsa is back in the bits for a few days, so we did some recording, he is coming caribs carns too. should be alright, there might be a grimey open mic too, if there is ill try and get some bars out for a video of something.


now i dont really like this guy anyway, but the new nintendo guitar hero advert pushed me over the edge. i think he is just a grade A twat. since on the radio he was on about a sound clash he did with pete tong he was like "you can see the video of me dancing on the stage on the internet it was so funny, i was dancing so funny." fuck off, dont big yourself up you tall perfect looking cock.

another thing is his stupid fucking wife looks the same as him, typical what is "good looking"...tall and blonde and that. fuck off, she is as bigger dick as you. he says "top bloke" and "big man" far to much.

whatevssss man! its caribs carns tommorow, so ill get some flicks!!!!!! inabitttttttttttttttttttttt

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