Monday, 25 August 2008


yo! its a pretty big photo post today, ive been upto a fair bit. bowling, jr's house warming, alton towers and that!

so yeah, as spoke of previously, i went bowling with my little cousin. a cained him, he was rubbish, he took this picture. later that day, i went to the dentist to get one massive filling, one small filling and two x-rays, costing me about £160!
and at night it was jr's house warming party. his new flat is across the road from rickys old one, so pop over sometime. everyone was throwing up the W's.
jr has this massive ddie murphy cardboard cutout, so we all took a lot of photos with it. this is me, john burke and ezoworld.
soul brothers.
billy and kyle played a punching game. click the video for a watch, its well worth it!

also, aaron over heard eddie talking some shit about aaron, he went a bit mad. in town the next day it was one of them days where it rains and it was well well sunny too. it smelt well nice!
birdman just chilling out side mcdonalds.
inside however, the writing on the wall had to been cut off by seats, and on our table it read "G unit." you like that?
natalie doesnt work at that agency anymore, and all her turkish sandwich packer temp workers brought her in last day presents. one guy brought in three cartons of this stuff, on the back it read "turkish youguht and water drink with added salt." it tasted like salty rotten milk.
i seen this lad, who had a massive patch of his hair gelled up and the rest proper down.
at alton towers yesterday, it was well well to packed to get on many rides, i only went on about four. you know how everyone is wearing them new mister men t-shirts? mr lazy, mr. peedo, mr.racism? well i seen a women wearing a really old fashioned mr.grumpy one, it was wicked.

i tried to get a photo of me and sammy going through the loop on the corkscrew, but this is the best i got. the worker put his hand in the way and simply said "you cant take pictures mate"
the mental queues.
i went on oblivion with sammys sister lauren. it was fucking horrible.
and there was a massive chair too.
today, me and sammy went to tesco garage and she brought us loads of stuff to take back to mine and eat all up. a feel sick now!
channel 4 used to be really good for comedy in its prime and still is now and again. we all know on a friday night the slot between big brother evictions is what they consider gold. well recently you will find me turning over to bbc2 for q.i because of this cunt. shitty, half arsed, completely unfunny impression sketches of celebrities compiled into a package the comedy twats at channel 4 called simply "the kevin bishop show". now as Will in those adverts, the guy comes across as an alright little blokey, pointing out the sence and that, but this is just plain old unfunny shite. i mean, your never gonna be able to make bo selecta mate, not with this or with "star stories", that was shit too. why do people keep making programmes taking the piss out of celebrities, nobody cares. the thing what gets me the most is it got alright reviews aswell, fuck knows how.

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